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Have you ever seen the movie Bubble Boy? It looks like fun to bounce around unharmed in a plastic bubble. If you try zorbing, that’s exactly what you will do! There are so many activities and fun things to do when you’re rolling around in a giant hamster ball!


The idea has mostly evolved from 1990 when the gladiators had an event where competitors were inside steel balls with cages wrapped around them. The actual Zorb that is used today was invented in 1994. During the process the inventors came up with the idea to have a ball inside a ball so that you don’t have to deflate and re-inflate it each time you get in and out.

The Ball

The ball is a large, inflated plastic ball with another ball inside. This way there is cushion in between the two and it keeps the person inside safe. Some come with a harness to keep the person in one place and others allow the rider to freely bounce around. There are a few different things you can do with one of these awesome balls!

Zorbing Activities

“Zorb” is mainly just the brand name but there are all different types of these balls out there and some of them have been altered to suit different purposes. Other manufacturers have made all kinds of versions and the possibilities are endless!

The term zorbing was branded by the inventors for the activity of rolling downhill. This is done on a large hill or sometimes in small areas of a mountain. In areas where there aren’t any hills, they sometimes build a track that is elevated at one end. Sometimes they will even add water in the ball so you can splash around in it on the way down!

Wearing an inflatable ball that covers your head down to your waist, you try to play soccer. Not much goal scoring is done, as it usually turns into players running into each other and falling down laughing.

This sport can be played a few different ways. One is to set up giant bowling pins and then roll toward them in a zorb and try to knock them down. Or use your friends as pins! Either have them stand in the formation of pins and roll toward them in a zorb, or start at the top of a hill and roll toward them as they try to outrun you without getting run over.

This is just like regular sumo wrestling but the players wear zorbs! A circle is drawn and they do their best to push their opponent outside the circle. Whoever stays in the circle the longest wins!

Aqua Zorbing
This one sounds incredible! Step inside a zorb, inflate it, and seal it up and run around on the surface of water! The only downfall to this one is that since it is sealed up, you have limited air. So don't venture too far from land!

Any kind of zorbing is sure to bring a unique experience to your trip! You can find places that have zorbing activities available, or you can go online and buy your own ball.

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