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Workamping - Earn A Living While Camping

Have you ever wondered how full-time RVers make money when they’re cruising around the country? Many people assume that they are all either retired, have a work from home situation (or RV in this case), or are very wealthy. While some full-timers fit those categories, the majority of them are workamping! This is the perfect way to make a living and support yourself while you see all this beautiful world has to offer.

What is Workamping?

Workamping is a term that was created by smashing the words work and camping together. There are plenty of opportunities and different types of workamping scenarios, so you first need to decide what’s the best fit for you. Here are some of the many ways you can workamp on your trips!


This is the traditional type of work that comes to most RVers minds when the term workamping comes up. Many campgrounds are looking for help from people just like you! Hiring for seasonal positions can make it hard to find good talent, as those that live in the area are generally either young kids looking for summer work that may not be responsible enough yet, or adults who want something more permanent. This is where you come in! You want to stay at the campsite while it’s nice, and they want someone to take care of it during the time people want to stay there! It’s a win-win!

Some of the duties typically involved in a campground workamping situation include escorting campers to their sites, removing trash, making reservations, cleaning the facilities like the bathrooms and showers, setting up events, housekeeping for any cabins they may have, and other tasks like these. Larger campgrounds will usually have multiple hosts so you won’t be doing it alone. The duties may vary from campground to campground so ensure you know what you’re in for before accepting a position. Generally, they offer a free site with full hookups for working there, and then some will even pay a bonus. This can be a great arrangement that not only gets you a free spot but puts extra cash in your pocket for simply helping others enjoy what you already love!


Some retail positions are seasonal or temporary so you can work while they need extra help! These are typically during the winter when it’s close to the Christmas season, but some places (like RV dealerships) need more help in the summer! Other places such as The Home Depot will at times offer a rotating position. This means you can move from store to store as you travel! One great thing about this option is that it won’t show gaps or jumping around on the work history section of your resume.

Temp Agencies

There are a lot of temp agencies out there looking for short term temp positions for many types of jobs! Places like Elite Staffing offer jobs in administrative and industrial environments. They can have you in a position and then have another one lined up for you when you’re done! This is also another way to keep work history consistent on your resume as you can simply list the temp agency as the employer, this way you won’t have a huge list of varying positions.


There are a lot of jobs that need to be done on a farm, especially from spring through fall! As far as crops go, they need help with planting, fertilizing, and harvesting. When it comes to animals it can vary depending on the type of farm, but there are tons of opportunities there too. Milking cows, collecting eggs, brushing horses, and feeding the animals are just a few of them! Other duties may include trucking grain from the farm to the market, selling items at the farmers market, and detasseling corn.

Theme Parks

Theme parks are great during the summer and definitely need help! You can find jobs in all kinds of fields at these fun places! You can run the games, operate the rides, or clean up the park! They usually have tons of food stands or restaurants in the park as well, so you could be wait staff or even a cook! Many times there are perks that come with working in an amusement park such as free food and free or discounted admission when you’re not working!

Ski Resorts

If you RV in the winter you can take advantage of the ski resorts! They need lots of seasonal help so there are tons of opportunities there! Hotel’s need housekeeping and reservation services, maintenance people, security, and food service workers. Most ski resorts have rentals so they need folks to operate the rental counter. Then there are things like the spa, restaurants and bars, and some even offer child care facilities.

Where to Find Jobs

Where you look for these jobs will most likely depend on the type of job you’re looking for. If you’re looking for a campground job, check in RV forums. Many campsites will post their request for hosts right in the forum where they know they can find avid RVers that have the knowledge and skills to take on the position. There are also tons of Workamping job sites out there where they can post jobs:

When looking for a rotating retail position, you will have to do some detective work. Call large chains such as The Home Depot, Lowe’s, Walmart, JoAnn Fabrics, and more. Make sure it’s a chain and not a franchise. Franchises are owned by separate people, making them much harder to find rotating positions.

Other places such as theme parks, ski resorts, and even RV dealerships are ones you need to look for specifically in the area you will be in. Give them a call and find out when they will be hiring for the season you’re interested in, and what would be the best way to apply.

As with any job, ensure you follow all directions when applying. Fill out the entire application and submit it the way they request. If the ad specifically says to fax the resume and mark it attention to a specific person, and you mail it in, it’s going to make them question your ability to follow directions. Pay attention to the little details and you’ll find yourself a workamping position in no time!

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