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Why Should My RV Tires Match?

If you’ve had your RV for some time and are starting to notice some wear, you know you’ll be in for the dreaded and costly chore of getting your RV’s tires replaced. Maybe your front tires look better than the back, and being the budget-savvy RVer that you are, you may be wondering: Can I replace only one set of tires? Can I mix tires on an RV? Why should my RV tires match?

Your RV Tires Should Match Because …

Mismatched RV tires can lead to irregular wear! There are a variety of different tire brands on the market, and even if they appear to be the same size and type, have the same ratings, and be constructed the same way, there are minute differences that can give you big trouble down the road.

Think of it this way: If you have one tire that is a few millimeters smaller than the rest, this tire could rotate dozens more times per mile than the others, causing it to wear out more quickly than the others. Using different brands puts stress on your tires, leading to irregular wear!


There is a glimmer of hope for those of you heading out on the road with towable RVs! Although it is always best to have the same tires for your whole RV, there’s a little wiggle room for towables! As long as you have matching tires on an axle, you can have different tires on your RV! This can be a relief for many RV owners, as this allows you to space out tire replacement over a camping season or two. Goodness knows that replacing tires isn’t exactly a cheap venture! Just be sure to rotate your tires in order to maximize their life span!


On the other hand, motorhome owners aren’t as lucky. Because of their driving capabilities, motorhomes should always have matching tires. Mismatched RV tires on motorhomes can lead to brake imbalances, as well as handling and steering problems! Since many motorhomes have dual placement on axles, if the tire diameters differ more than 3/4 of an inch, one tire will carry more load than the other.

Spare Tires

You’ll never want to leave home without a spare RV tire! If you do experience a blowout or a flat, just pop the spare on and you’ll be on your way! Unlike automobile donut spare tires, plenty of RVs come standard with a matching full-sized spare tire, that way the balance will stay even. Over the years, you may switch tire brands or models, leaving your included spare mismatched, which is not ideal.

If you choose to purchase the exact same tires for your towable, be sure to purchase one extra of the same tire to keep as a spare. This also applies to motorhomes, as it is imperative to drive with matching tires, so definitely make sure to get a spare that is an exact match! If you choose different tires between axles for your towable, be sure to include a second spare of this tire so that your axle remains evenly balanced!

Hopefully this advice on why your RV tires should match has shed some light on the importance of RV tire consistency and placement! Always be sure to check your owner’s manual before purchasing to ensure that you pick out the correct tires for your RV! Additionally, it is important to periodically check your RV’s tires for signs of wear, cracking, and irregularities! Have any other tips or suggestions for RV tire replacement? Leave us a comment and let us know!

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