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What Can I Tow Behind My Motorhome?

Part of the beauty of owning an RV is the freedom to roam wherever you so desire. It’s likely if you’re heading out for a long trip and will be parking your RV for an extended period, you’ll want to take a small passenger vehicle or a trailer loaded with supplies with you. Before you lock your hitch in place, you need to make sure your RV can tow your desired attachment. Consider these RV towing tips prior to hitting the road.

Manual Transmission Vehicles

The best cars to tow behind motorhome bumpers are those with rear-wheel drive and manual transmissions or, for four-wheel drive vehicles, those with a manual transfer case. You can simply place these vehicles in neutral for a smooth ride once you have them properly hitched to your RV.

Automatic Transmission Vehicles

You will need to first check your owner’s manual before attempting to tow an automatic transmission vehicle. This is because not all automatics are easily towable – and if you’re not careful, you could end up causing serious damage to your car, particularly to the transmission. Transmissions typically cost thousands of dollars to replace, so always check your manual first.

Some automatic transmission cars will require the installation of a lube pump before they can be towed. A professional will need to perform this installation, which is an additional cost to consider for your travels.

Flat-Towing vs. Tow Dollies and Trailers

Many cars can be flat-towed, which is when all four wheels rest on the road and the car is hitched to a tow bar. The owner’s manual of the vehicle you plan to tow should indicate if you can flat-tow the car or if you need a trailer or a dolly to raise it first.

Your owner’s manual should be your go-to resource for restrictions regarding an RV towing car or trailer. National RV Detroit maintains a great selection of RVs and more, and we’re happy to help you find an RV towing solution.

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