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Top 10 RV DIY Hacks

A little bit of creativity and some minor modifications can help to make the RV lifestyle a whole lot more comfortable, functional, and convenient. Here are our top 10 RV DIY hacks to help you make the most of your next camping experience!

1. Improve Your Oven

RV ovens are notorious for cooking unevenly. Easily avoid burnt, charred, or undercooked meals by using a baking stone! Simply put the ceramic stone or unglazed tile on the bottom of the oven for a more even distribution of heat.

2. Get Rid Of Pests

When you’re in the great outdoors, pests are just part of the deal. But that doesn’t mean you have to be ok with them invading your RV! Mix up a solution of Pine-Sol and water, and wipe down the interior of your unit to keep flies away. Put cut-up flea collars in your RV compartments to keep wasps away. And for those pesky mice, try placing small pieces of Irish Spring soap around your RV!

3. Make a Washing Station

Avoid trekking dirt through your RV every time you need to wash your hands with this easy DIY hack. Simply put a bar of soap in a leg of pantyhose and tie it around the water spigot at your campsite. This convenient outdoor washing station won’t just help to keep you clean and sanitized, it will also help to keep the inside of your unit mess-free too!

4. Use Glow-in-the-Dark Duct Tape

Glow-in-the-dark duct tape is a useful product that comes in handy for a variety of tasks. Put strips of glow tape down on your entry steps to avoid an embarrassing or painful tumble when it's dark outside. Avoid stubbing your toe or hitting your shins by using glow tape to identify objects around your campsite, such as the cooler or fire pit. If you’re RVing with your pets, put some tape on their collars so that you can keep a better eye on them after the sun goes down. For more useful Duct Tape Hacks, click here.

5. Sleep Better With A Bed Mat

A common complaint about RVs is the poor quality mattresses, and a bad night’s rest can really spoil a trip. Sleep better in your RV and wake up well rested by laying down a bed mat! Use an extra-thick yoga mat or an anti-fatigue floor mat to increase insulation and add comfort to your already existing bed.

6. Use Space-Saving Containers

Cylindrical containers seem to be the standard, but that definitely doesn’t mean that they are the most effective. Opt for square containers whenever you can, as they maximize your space and will store more easily in your RV. Reuse plastic containers of bulk foods for an inexpensive and smart storage solution.

7. Get A Collapsible Laundry Basket

Collapsible laundry baskets are extremely useful when dealing with the limited space of an RV. Use a collapsible laundry basket as a trash can around your campsite. Then, when you’re ready to hit the road again, it will condense down and store with ease, taking up very little of your valuable storage space!

8. Keep in the Heat

If you’re RVing in cold climates, keeping your unit warm can be a struggle. Use bubble wrap to insulate your windows by cutting it to size and spraying a light mist of water on the glass before pressing the bubble wrap on. For added insulation and to stop heat from escaping out of your ceiling, use a vent cushion too! For more winter camping tips and tricks, click here.

9. Use Badge Clips For Your Awning

Putting up lights and decorations around your awning can maximize your living space, but it can be a challenge to hang them conveniently. Use badge clips to easily string up lights or secure decor like wind chimes. With badge clips, you can remove lights quickly in case a bad storm blows in and you need to retract your awning in a hurry.

10. Revamp Your RV

Overtime, the plastic parts of your RV can become sun-faded, which can give your unit a dingy and aged feel. Brighten up your interior by taping around the plastic outlet covers and using spray paint to restore them to their original color. This minor and inexpensive trick can dramatically improve the look of your RV.

A few simple tricks can make the RV lifestyle even more enjoyable! Try out some of our top 10 RV DIY hacks and let us know how they worked for you. And if you’ve got some tips of your own, share them with us in the comments below!

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