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Tips For Sleeping Warmer During Winter Months

Cold weather is on its way, and you may find it harder to sleep once the temperatures drop! For those of you conscious of cranking the thermostat to heat your home or RV, you may find yourself feeling unpleasantly cold while trying to sleep! Here are some great tips for sleeping warmer during frigid winter months!

Get Moving

Doing some light exercises before bed, like some jumping jacks or push-ups, will help to get your blood moving and your heart rate up, which will raise your body temperature to keep you warmer longer into the night! Just be sure not to overdo it so that you’re not sweaty when you jump into bed, which can make you feel colder!

Wear Warm Clothing

Wearing warm bed clothes is essential to keeping warm on a cold winter’s night! Layer your clothing to help keep you warm. Materials like wool, cotton, and silk are great for warmth, unlike synthetic materials! If you’re braving the elements in a tent, make sure that you’re properly layering, with a thin moisture-wicking base layer, and a lightweight yet warm layer over it. You don’t want to layer improperly when tent camping in low temperatures as moisture will freeze or cause hypothermia.

Wear Thick Socks

Wearing a great thick pair of wool socks will help to keep you warm for both sleeping and getting around your house or RV when it’s cold! It’s just another dimension of warmth, and will keep your feet from coming into direct contact with the cold floor!

Cover The Floor

In an RV or in a house where the floors get really chilly, even thick socks won’t do the trick, so lay down some rugs where it gets especially hard to keep your feet warm. It’ll be easier for you to stay toasty if you don’t get into bed with freezing feet! When sleeping in a tent, make sure you put down the proper padding in order to keep you insulated from the cold ground!

Heating Devices

If you’re staying in an RV, heating devices are great for keeping you warm on the coldest of nights! A hot water bottle can provide great warmth, but be sure not to use one while sleeping in a tent as the moisture could gather in your bedding and make things even colder for you. Heating pads are another great option if you have access to electricity! Just be sure to shut the heating pad off before you fall asleep!

Block Drafts

If you have drafts in your RV or home, it’ll be no surprise when you’re cold while sleeping! Use a towel or blanket to block off the bottom of doors where drafts are coming in, or cover the door completely with a blanket! Apply plastic over windows, or place thick, heavy curtains or blankets over windows to help keep drafts out, and you’ll be sleeping warmer and more comfortably!

Use Your Stove

If turning up your thermostat is not an option, use your oven to add some warmth to your space! Save baking time until the end of your night. You can bake some quick and yummy pancake bites for breakfast the following morning, and the heat from your oven will warm up the areas around it! This especially works well in RVs!

Cuddle For Warmth

There’s warmth in numbers! If you sleep with a partner or someone close by, using each other’s body heat to keep warm is a great idea! You’ll get to spend some quality time with a loved one and benefit from their heat at the same time!

Hopefully instead of shivering and chattering your teeth on cold nights, you’ll be warm and sleeping soundly when the weather turns cold! Just follow these great tips for sleeping warmer during winter months and you'll be toasty, comfortable, and happy! For more tips on winter camping, click here!

What useful tricks do you use to keep warm while sleeping? Comment to share your ideas with us!

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