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Step-By-Step Instructions For Winterizing Your RV

Cold weather is on its way, and that means it’s time to protect your RV from damaging freezing temperatures! This great guide will give you step-by-step instructions on how to winterize your RV in order to avoid costly damage to you RV’s water system! This can seem like a bit of an intimidating task, but we'll take you through step-by-step to make this seasonal chore just a little bit more bearable, and you won't have to deal with the stress of repairing or replacing your RV's water system when spring arrives! Here's how!


Get things emptied and cleaned.

Release the pressure from the water heater, and drain out each of your RV's holding tanks, Make sure you clean out the black tank well!

Get the water lines cleared out. Leftover water = frozen water! Open up all the faucets, both inside and outside your RV. Then use the water pump or an air compressor to completely empty the water system's lines, but don't put too much pressure on them.

Bypass the water heater! Most of our RVs for sale near Detroit come standard with this feature, so check your owner's manual for more specific instructions.

Get some RV antifreeze, which is different from automotive antifreeze. Look for the big gallon bottle with a pink solution inside! Take the wanter inlet tube, place it right in the bottle, and the water pump will pump the antifreeze through the system for you!
Go around and open each faucet, again both inside and out, one at a time. Once you see that pretty pink antifreeze start come out, shut the faucet and move onto the next!
For good measure, dump a little extra antifreeze down the sink drains and down the toilet, just so the pipes and the holding tanks won't freeze if they happen to accumulate any moisture over the winter months, because who knows what the weather will be like here in Michigan!

Hopefully these steps have helped to simplify the RV winterization process for you! It's not so bad, especially after a few seasons! If you want to avoid the process altogether, call to schedule a time to bring your RV down to National RV Detroit and our service department can get it taken care of for you! Don't even have an RV to winterize? Don't sweat it! We have all the best RVs for sale, including many different models from the nation's top brands! Better yet, our prices are unbeatable, so skip our competitors and come shop our Detroit RV dealership or browse online now!

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