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Snow Painting Brings Out Your Creativity in Winter

After the leaves have changed colors and fallen to the ground, winter takes its cue and slowly (or in some cases overnight!) ushers in colder temperatures and snow (if you live in a northern climate). While some may dread seeing the white stuff swirling down from the sky, many love the outside activities that go hand-in-hand with winter (myself included!). Once we have a good covering of snow on the ground, my family dusts off our skis, snowboards, sleds, and ice skates and heads outside to enjoy some cold-weather sports.

But even if you’re not into racing down steep hills or twirling on ice, there is still plenty to do outside in the winter that’s fun and exhilarating. You can build igloos, snow forts, snowmen, or make snow angels. Or you can turn the white winter wonderland that surrounds you into a colorful canvas of bright artwork that you create with your own colored water. This activity is fun for kids and adults alike, and is a cinch to put together for instant fun on a snow day or during Christmas break. Let snow painting bring out your creativity this winter with this simple activity that you and your kids will look forward to doing every time a new layer of snow falls. Here’s how to do it!


  • Plastic spray bottles or squirt guns

  • Food coloring

  • Water


  1. Fill your spray bottles or squirt guns with water.

  2. Dispense drops of food coloring into your spray bottles or squirt guns. Add more drops for darker, more vibrant colors and fewer drops for lighter colors. Tip: Darker colors will show up better in the snow!

  3. Screw the tops tightly onto your spray bottles (or reinsert the plug on your squirt gun).

  4. Head outside and turn the white winter wonderland into a colorful display of your creativity by spraying your designs onto the snow.

  5. Adjust the nozzle on your spray bottle to either squirt a fine line or a more fanned-out spray.

Helpful Hint: Gel food dye yields the most vibrant colors possible! Use this instead of food coloring drops if you want designs that will stun!

Are you going to try this snow painting activity with your kids? If you do, take pics of their artwork and share it with us on Facebook or Instagram. We’d love to see your winter creativity!

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