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RV Organization: Ideas for Command Hooks

RVs aren’t like a house where you can drill a hole in the wall, drive a screw in, and hang up whatever you want. You have to keep in mind that the walls are not as thick, there’s important insulation in there, and it may be hard to know if there’s wiring that could be damaged in the process. So what do you do when you need to get organized in a small space but can’t just go piercing holes in the wall? You look for an alternative method to hanging things! These ideas for command hooks are great for your camper and home. They’re strong, come in plenty of colors to blend in, and they leave no holes behind!

In the Kitchen

The kitchen is usually the place we all need the most help with. Traveling in an RV with limited cabinet space makes this need for organization even more important! You can get your kitchen organized and fit more in it with these great ideas!

Pan Lids

Pan lids are a pain to organize no matter how small a space you're working with. They don’t stack well with one another and they tend to just take up a ton of room and fall out onto your toe when you open up the cabinet. We’ve all seen those pictures on Pinterest where you use a towel bar on the inside of the cabinet door. This is great if you’re at a house where the doors are wide enough to do that. RV cabinets tend to be smaller so finding a towel bar to fit may be a hassle. Not to mention that no one really wants to punch a hole in their beautiful cabinet doors, even if it's on the inside. You can use command hooks to create a place to simply pop the lids in and out of them! Just place the hooks on a slant angled to where you can set the lid and they’ll hold well. These large utility hooks are big enough to get the lid into and they’re meant to hold up to 5lbs.

Measuring Spoons and Cups

These are also obnoxious kitchen items to try to organize. They seem like they’ll be great! They nest together and even come with a little clip to keep them together. That is until the clip is lost or broken. The measuring spoons get lost in the drawer and you can usually find every size but the one you need. Measuring cups get separated and spill out of the cabinets when you open the door. So, get them off the shelves and out of the drawers by hanging them on the back of your upper kitchen cabinet doors or inside your pantry! These small wire hooks are great for putting through the tiny holes in the end of measuring spoons and cup handles so you can easily hang them!


Oh the spices! They’re impossible to organize! Just like pan lids, spices can be frustrating no matter where you’re trying to stay organized, but even more so when you have limited space! Use the inside of your pantry door to get those spices in order. All you have to do is pick up some of these caddies from Command. Ok, so this isn’t a hook, but it’s pretty awesome! It comes with the same sticky strips that hold up the hooks and will hold several spice bottles. Slap it on the inside of the pantry door or a cabinet and they’re secure and ready to roll!


It’s no secret that the bathroom in your camper has limited space. Normal organizers usually take up more room on the vanity or the corners of the tub than what an RV allows for. Here are some simple solutions to get your bathroom supplies neat and organized!

Bath Toys

If you have kids that are taking baths you most likely have bath toys all over the place. These things are great fun for the kids but storage can be difficult. If you put them away wet in a dark cabinet or closet they can grow mildew. Not only is that just gross, but if you have small children, they can put them in their mouths and get sick from it. With this corner caddy you can stick it to the wall right in the shower and fill it with toys. The corners on the bottom are open and allow water to run off so they’re not sitting in a pool of dingy bathwater getting slimy!

Bottles and Bars

Unlike a home shower, usually the RV shower head is not held up by a sturdy pipe extending from the wall. This can make hanging the typical shower caddy a struggle. Command offers hooks that have a strong hold even in the shower. This “caddy hanger” is actually meant to hold your shower caddy so you can then organize your shampoo, conditioner, bar soaps, and more!

Toilet Paper, Wash Rags, and Hand Towels

There are those really cute (and expensive) wall shelves you can get with the baskets that hold items like extra toilet paper, washrags, and hand towels. Put one together yourself easily with some window box baskets and command hooks! Head over to your local gardening store and check for baskets that are meant to be hung as window boxes for plants. They’ll have a couple loops on the back so all you have to do is stick a pair of command hooks to the wall and hang the basket from them. Hang 3 in a row and you'll have a basket for each item!


Whether you’re lucky enough to have your own washer and dryer right in your camper or you get the “thrills” of heading to the laundromat, you still have to keep your items somewhere. Organize your laundry items with these tips!

Spare Socks

The washer has eaten a sock again! Where do you put your socks that are lonely and without a mate? Hanging a few command hooks where you keep the laundry supplies will allow you to hang the socks from them so you know which ones you’re looking for. These little spring clips will hang on to that lonely sock until you come across its mate!

Load Separation

Instead of throwing your laundry into one hamper and then having to separate it into loads, why not make yourself a space where you can do it all at once! Attach a hook for each type of load and hang an inexpensive laundry bag from each. When everyone takes their dirty clothes off, they just deposit the items into the appropriate bag. Once the bag is full you empty it into the washer! This way you can keep up on laundry as the loads fill up instead of a mountain at a time! This trick also helps keep the hamper off the floor making more space to move around.

Command hooks are one of the best organization inventions ever. The possibilities are endless as long as you think creatively! Aside from the standard coat hooks, what are some other ways you use them to get your RV organized?

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