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RV Decoration: DIY Autumn Wreaths

Space is limited in an RV and accommodating all those festive fall adornments can be a challenge. That’s why wreaths make such an ideal RV decoration. They can be easily hung up outside your door where they make a big impression while taking up very little space. If you’re ready to get into the seasonal spirit, get crafty by making one of these DIY autumn wreaths to enhance the look of your RV this fall!

Types of Wreath Forms

You can use a variety of materials to form the base of your wreath and different materials will work better for different decorations. Here are just a couple of inexpensive options for creating the base of your wreath.

Pool Noodle Form: Cut a pool noodle to size. Shape it into a circle and secure it with duct tape so that it stays in place.

Coat Hanger Ring: Fashion your coat hanger into a circular shape with the hook on top. Use two hangers to reinforce durability.

Metal Craft Form: These rings can be purchased at your local craft store and they come pre-formed in many different thicknesses.

Grapevine Wreaths:
These wreath forms are also found at local craft stores like Hobby Lobby, JoAnn Fabrics, or Michaels.

Styrofoam Floral Ring: Although these operate just as a pool noodle ring would, you can buy these prefabricated from your local craft store.

Wreath Decoration Ideas

Your options are endless for adorning your wreath forms with festive fall decorations. Use what you have at your disposal or try out one of these great ideas for autumn-inspired designs that will add a fun and festive feel to your RV’s door front!

Foliage Wreath

Inspired by the vibrant tree lines of the season, this wreath will mimic the look of those brightly colored branches. To make it you will need a collection of artificial fall leaves and either a grapevine, styrofoam, or pool noodle wreath form. If your fake leaves are adhered to stems, a grapevine form would work best. Simply stick your stems into the wreath, weaving them through the vines so that they stay in place. Repeat until your entire circle is covered. If you are working with single leaves, foam form options are best. Simply wrap your wreath in fabric and use a hot glue gun to secure your individual leaves to the fabric until your entire circle is covered. Fasten a strip of fabric to the top for easy hanging!

Pinecone Wreath

For this festive wreath you will need a foam ring, either a styrofoam floral form or a pool noodle form, and a collection of pinecones in varying sizes and shapes. You can typically find a bag of bulk pinecones at your local craft store or they can be purchased online. First you will need to take a strip of neutral, brown, or bronze fabric and wrap it around your wreath. Next, using a hot glue gun, secure your individual pinecones around the wreath until you can no longer see patches of your fabric beneath. Complete your new RV decoration by adding a loop of material so it can be hung from your door! For a ring-less option, you can also fasten around 7 or so pinecones onto strips of ribbon, staggering them in length. Then tie your ribbon strips together at the top in a knot to hang!

Harvest Wreath

This wreath adornment works best with a grapevine form because a section of the wreath will be exposed and the vines accent the warm, earthy colors of fall quite nicely. Additionally, you will also need an assortment of fall inspired items. Think about items you might find spilling out of a cornucopia. Mini-pumpkins, gourds, wheat grass, pinecones, artificial leaves, dried orange slices, cinnamon sticks, and greenery sprigs all work well. Cluster some leaves at the side of your wreath and secure them with a hot glue gun. Working off from this starting point, fan out your greenery and wheat grass following the circular outline of the wreath. Layer in some pinecones, cinnamon sticks, and dried fruit. Fix a pumpkin at the central location to cover up any glue that remains visible and scatter a few smaller ones throughout as needed. Leave the opposing side of your wreath exposed. Hang using a fastening nail, hooking it directly into the vines.

Indian Corn Wreath

If you want a real statement piece for your RV door this fall season, this Indian corn wreath is for you! To make, you’ll need a foam wreath form. Wrap it with fabric so that you can create a more solid attachment when gluing on your corn. No part of your wreath form will be exposed so the fabric can be whatever color you have handy. Additionally, you will also need decorative Indian corn which can be purchased online or found in the seasonal aisles of specialty craft stores. Line up your corn so that the colors differ from one ear to the next. With the husks pointing outward, begin gluing your corn around the wreath so that they butt up to one another. Repeat until your entire form is covered. Hang it by piercing your foam ring through a fastening nail on your door.

Burlap Wreath

You’ll need to be creatively inventive if you want to make this trendy burlap wreath. To begin, you’ll need a coat hanger ring or, for a prefabricated alternative, a metal craft form. You’ll also need a roll of burlap ribbon and some wire. Start by weaving your burlap ribbon through the wire frame of the metal craft form. Once you have a 1/8ths section threaded through, flip your frame over, twist your burlap fabric in place, and secure it with a piece of wiring. Fluff up your bunches of fabric in the front, and repeat these steps until your entire metal wreath is covered with loops of burlap. Add a bow made of ribbon, a fabric-formed flower, or some fall foliage to create an asymmetrical accent. Hang using a fastening nail.

Eye-Candy Wreaths

These wreaths will look so good you could practically eat them! And they’re great for making with little ones too! To start, decide between coating your wreath in popcorn kernels or candy corn. For both options you’ll need a foam wreath form. For the popcorn kernel option, cover your foam form with fabric. Using Modge-Podge, paint over a section of your fabric and immediately sprinkle on the popcorn kernels. Wait for the section to dry before moving on to the next one. Repeat until your entire wreath is covered. For the candy corn option, wrap your foam form in duct tape and use a hot glue gun to secure pieces of candy corn around the wreath until it is completely covered. For both options, loop a piece of decorative fabric or ribbon around the ring to hang it from your door.

To spice up any one of these wreaths you could also add a bunting banner through the center of your ring, embellishing the fabric on the banner with letters that spell out festive words like, ‘Give Thanks’, ‘Happy Harvest’, or ‘Welcome Home’. We’d love to see how your wreaths turned out! Share pictures with us on Facebook or Instagram!

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