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Portable Washing Machines

Ahhh … the great outdoors! You're surrounded by spectacular views, amazing wildlife, and fresh air. But if you start noticing that the scents you're smelling are more stink and sweat than spring mountain air, then it's time for you to wash your clothes. Since most RVs (and zero tents) don't come equipped with a washing machine, you'll want to consider a portable washing machine you can use right at your campsite to avoid trips to the Laundromat. Where can you find such a product? We did the research for you! Here are a couple of our favorites.

Our first recommendation is the Wonder Wash. This little gem is really just a barrel that you spin with your hands, so you can even use this when you're boondocking, or dry camping. With just a little water and detergent, your clothes can be fully clean in less than 5 minutes! This washer is so easy! Just fill halfway with water, add a little detergent, seal, and spin for a few minutes. After the washing, do the same without detergent for a rinse cycle. The only downfall with this portable washer is it doesn't come with a spin cycle, so be ready to wring out your clothes when they're done.

If wringing isn't your thing, we recommend that you purchase a portable spinner along with the portable washer. The Mini Portable Countertop Spin Dryer is the perfect complement to the Wonder Wash! This product also uses no electricity, so this is perfect for any camping excursion! Simply put your already- washed clothing into the Spin Dryer and turn it on. When you take them out, your clothes will still be a little damp, but they'll be dry in no time with a little fresh air.

If you aren't really feeling the whole “buy two products” thing, we have a simpler option for you! Enter The Drumi by Yirego. This portable washing machine uses 10 liters of water and is powered only by you. That’s right, it's another great one for boondocking! With just a few minutes of your time, you will have fresh clothes to start a new day! The Drumi is very small but packs a big punch. You can wash up to 7 personal items in The Drumi and you can feel confident that they will emerge clean and fresh-smelling. How does it work? Put in your clothes, add 10 liters of water, and lock the drum lid on. Add your detergent to the outside of the drum and close the outside lid. Pump the pedal with your foot for a few minutes to agitate and wash your clothing. Now, drain the dirty water! There is a release button to do so. Next, add some fresh water for a rinse cycle, pump for two minutes, release water, then pump with no water … just your clothes. That last part will be your spin cycle. After all of these steps, The Drumi will leave your clothes just a tad bit damp, but it's nothing a little clothesline drying can't fix!

So the next time you're out in the wilderness and your clothes start to stink, you can use your portable washing machine! Because let’s face it, we all love the great outdoors … but nobody likes the great “odors”!!

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