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Picnic Remedy: Homemade Wasp Trap

You’re relaxing on a comfortable blanket while you munch your favorite sandwiches. The breeze plays with your hair and the sun warms your skin. Everything is perfect until you realize you’ve attracted the attention of a few wasps. Wasps ruin the picnic in many ways, especially if you or someone you’re with is allergic to their sting. We have a picnic remedy that will keep them away! Make this homemade wasp trap and enjoy your time outdoors.

Wasps can be attracted to your picnic site in search of food. In the spring and early summer they’re in search of protein-based foods like meat. Later in the summer and early fall they’re in search of sweet foods and sugars. Knowing this will help you to use the proper bait in your trap depending on the time of year. Now you just need to gather your supplies.

Trap Supplies

  • Scissors or a sharp knife

  • Empty 2-liter bottle

  • Tape

  • Bait (meat or sweet liquid, depending on the season)

Trap Assembly

1. Cut the top of the bottle off just under where the tape stops and it’s a consistent size.

2. Remove the cap, invert the top, and place it down into the bottom portion of the bottle.

3. Tape the two pieces together just to be sure they won’t fall apart.

4. Add your bait to the bottle. If you’re baiting them in the spring or early summer, use something with protein such as meat along with about two inches of water. Make sure the meat sticks up out of the water so they’ll smell it. If it’s later in the summer or early fall, fill the bottom with a couple inches of sweet liquid such as soda or fruit juice.

5. Set the trap out somewhere close enough so that it will attract the wasps away from you, but not so close that it’s bringing more to you.

The wasps will fly into the bottle to get the bait but then cannot find their way back out. Eventually, they will become too tired to stay on the side of the bottle and will drown in the liquid.

If you have a love for all living things and don’t want to kill the wasps, you can make two simple alterations to this trap. The first is not to use tape so you can easily open the bottle, and the other is to not use any liquid. So if you’re using protein just don’t put water in the bottle, and if you’re using sweets, use something like maple syrup or fresh fruit to attract them. This way you can trap them while you enjoy your picnic and then let them go later on. Without the liquid they won’t drown. While wasps are pests and can cause issues, they eat other bugs and are an important part of the ecosystem. Just be careful, after a few hours trapped in a bottle, they may not be very happy!

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