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Nature-Inspired DIY Decorations That ROCK

Looking to add some rustic charm to your RV decor? You’ve come to the right place! These awesome nature-inspired DIY decorations totally rock! They use a variety of stones and pebbles to create artwork, that is. If you’re a bonafide rock hound, or just like the woodsy look that rock decor provides, these are fun and easy ways to make your camper even more homey.

Painted Rocks

Perhaps one of the most fun and versatile ways to decorate your space with DIY nature decorations is to paint rocks! There’s no limit as to what you can paint. You can do anything from decorative henna and mandala patterns to animals, smiley faces, or even the entire alphabet for kids. You can place these next to other decorations around the RV, or glue a magnet on the back and you’ll have a cool magnet for the fridge.

Dominoes Set

If you like the idea of painting rocks, then you'll love painting yourself a neat dominoes set! Find 28 rectangular stones (if they don't exactly match, it adds to the rustic charm) and paint them any colors you’d like for a one-of-a-kind standard set!

Bunk Name Plates

While you’re on a rock-painting spree, use that creativity to make some adorable bunkhouse art! This is a great one for the kids too! Paint rocks for each letter of your kids’ names, then glue them to a section of pallet board or a pre-made sign and hang above their bunks or on a bunkhouse door. You could even make a sign with your last name for your campsite or RV door!

Cactus Rocks

Cacti are always nice to look at, but if you’re one of those types who can’t even keep a low-maintenance cactus alive, paint your own! Paint a variety of differently shaped rocks to resemble cacti, add some tissue paper flowers on top (if you desire), and place them in a mini flower pot filled with sand. It’s adorable, and you won’t have to feel guilty for not watering them! However if you want the look of true plants in your RV, give these RV friendly plants a try!

Campfire Pebble Candle Holder

If you like to decorate your RV with camping-themed decor, this DIY candle holder is perfect! Find four small rocks, about the same shape. Paint eyes or full faces if you’d like, then glue them onto a larger flat rock in a semicircle. Place a votive candle in the middle of the semicircle and it’ll look like your little rock family is telling jokes or spooky stories around the campfire!

Boot Mat

This DIY rock decor project is both pretty and functional! Turn a boring boot tray into a lovely piece of art by using your existing boot tray and filling it with your favorite rocks! You’ll need a lot of pieces for this one, so there’s no shame in visiting a nearby dollar or craft store to pick up some bags of decorative stones. This will instantly turn your RV entryway from meh to magnificent! These are especially great for full-time RV living or for trailers like the destination RVs for sale here in Detroit, that way you won’t have to worry about packing up a bunch of loose stones every time you travel!

Pebble Wall Art

Making some neat wall art is one of the best ways to display your nature-inspired DIY decorations! The possibilities are virtually endless! Use pebbles to make a full mosaic, or choose a few to replace certain objects in your picture, like birds, leaves, people, insects, and more. Keep it simple and design a flower or tree with pebbles and glue it on a pallet board or a piece of driftwood for a totally rustic look. Feel free to use other things you find in nature too, like twigs or grasses!

Crochet-Covered Rocks

For those of you who are really crafty, bust out some string and hooks and get crocheting! Clean up your rocks, then stitch around the rock to cover it in a lovely pattern. This works with small stones for coordinating decor, or large stones for doorstops!

Sea Glass Art

Although sea glass isn’t like other rocks, the concept is similar, and you can turn these beautiful pieces into gorgeous DIY decor! Like the pebble art mentioned earlier, use sea glass as accent objects in a drawing or painting, or make a full mosaic with all the pieces you’ve found over the years. It’s a great way to display your treasures!

These nature inspired DIY decorations are sure to rock! There's no better way to give your RV a homelike, woodsy feel! Plus, it’ll give you a reason to get out and explore more so you can find some truly lovely rocks for your projects! We have plenty of lovely RVs for sale in Michigan, so whether you’re in the market for a rustic travel trailer or a modern fifth wheel, we’ll have exactly what you need so you can deck out your new RV with your lovely rock art and enjoy a life of travel!What other ideas do you have for rock-inspired nature decor? Leaves us a comment with your crafty ideas!

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