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Modifications You Can Make To Your RV That Will Not Void the Warranty

There has been a lot of talk around here at National RV lately about our warranty policies, such as what is covered, what isn't, and what will altogether void your warranties. We thought it would be a good idea to set the record straight and provide you with some alternative modifications you can make to your RV that do not void the warranty! That way you can still customize your RV to fit your tastes and specific needs and still take advantage of the coverage to keep your RV running like new!

The Walls

We've seen plenty of awesome RV interior makeovers around Pinterest and various RVing blogs, with painted cabinets and sidewalls that will make any HGTV fan swoon! But before you run out for a new gallon of paint, listen up! Painting your RV's walls will void the warranty! The same goes for the exterior sidewalls too—removing, adding, or putting any holes in the exterior sidewalls will cause you to lose your warranty. Instead, try these handy alternatives that will not void the warranty!

Vinyl Stickers

These come in practically an endless array of patterns, colors, and designs, and can be easily applied and removed without doing any damage. You can find them pretty much anywhere, including department stores, craft stores, and even dollar stores!

Command Strips

These ultra sticky strips from 3M are perfect for sticking almost anything to your RV's walls and will cause zero damage. Use the strips to hang pictures and decor, secure curtains, mount containers on the wall, and more. They have a variety of fantastic products from simple hooks to caddies, shelves, and other awesome handy items. They even make heavy duty strips for outdoor use, which is great for preserving your fiberglass walls!


We know how overwhelming it can be buying an RV, with seemingly endless decisions to make on which features to include. I think we've all been in a situation where we have chosen something that looked good at first, but once you get it home, it's not as pretty as you originally thought. If you find that you aren't too hot about your furniture's color scheme, put down the scissors and consider the risk; removing the original fabric on your furniture or window treatments, or completely (permanently) replacing your RV's furniture will void the warranty! Time to get crafty and try out these decor DIY substitutes!

Slip Covers

If you simply make easily removable fabric slip covers for any of the furniture that you just can't stand looking at, you'll give the interior a nice, new look without permanently changing anything!

Decorative Pillows

Head out to Home Goods and go crazy! We've told you what you can't remove, but that doesn't mean you can't put stuff in! Get some lovely pillows, and maybe even a coordinating rug or throw blanket, and your space will feel a lot more like home without voiding your warranty!


One of the easiest ways to liven up your space is to just grab a lovely new bedding set to make your space your own! You may want to hang onto your RV's original bedding, but this easy and damage-free change doesn't take any effort! You should be removing your bedding periodically anyway to wash it, so just put something new on your mattress and catch some ZZZs!


Listen guys, we know how good it feels to flex your knowledge of all things RV, especially in electrical work, but if you start rooting around in your RV's electrical system trying to install some insane mod that hasn't been approved to be there, you won't be covered when something goes wrong! If your RV needs more lighting, try these hacks instead! Warranty saved!

Puck Lights

These neat little lights look like hockey pucks and provide dark corners with some much-needed illumination. They can adhere just about anywhere, can be battery operated or run on electricity, and even come in a variety of colors to match your decor.

LED Light Strips

This is an inexpensive and non-damaging mod that you'll love! These lights come on a big spool and can be stuck onto just about any surface. Add a couple strips to your RV steps if you have trouble seeing the way, or add some lighting to the underside of your cabinets for additional lighting for prep work. It's a great way to add mood lighting to a simple RV, in case you decided not to spring for the toe kick lighting!

Awning Lights

Another simple way to add your own personal and non-damaging flair to your RV is to add some awning lights! They come in almost any theme you can think of, from beach to beer, from patriotic to pop culture, and almost literally anything in between! Seriously go look them up if you never have, it's good for a laugh!


There are several tempting DIY RV modification project ideas out there to help maximize storage space, but again, you'll need to stop and consider whether or not doing these will cause you to kiss your warranty goodbye. As a general precaution, avoid doing any of these things while adding storage space to your RV:

  • Augmenting the chassis or frame in any way—this includes welding additional pieces to the frame, removing pieces of the frame, drilling holes, or attaching any item without prior approval (even bike racks!)

  • Putting holes in the sidewalls

  • Removing or adding anything to exterior storage compartments that causes damage

There are tons of ways to maximize your storage space without voiding the warranty! Here's our favorite idea!

Organizing Containers

Although containers can be bulky, they will make your life a whole lot easier! Label each container with its contents, and that way you won't have to potentially unpack your whole passthrough storage to search for one item! This works for the interior too, in cupboards, the refrigerator, bathroom, and pretty much anywhere you store stuff!

Don't Be Afraid To Ask!

If you're really unsure about whether an RV modification will void your warranty or not, give us a call to find out for sure! It's always best to get confirmation in writing, that way there will be no confusion down the road!

Other Warranty Tips

  • Some modifications require prior approval straight from the manufacturer, so get in touch with the company and ask for approval in writing before diving into a DIY mod.

  • Even if you don't damage the aesthetic of the RV, adding items that will cause your RV to become overburdened to the point that it causes damage could void your warranty.

  • Maintain the upkeep of your RV to keep it from disrepair, as simple neglect can void the warranty.

As a rule of thumb: If a modification alters or damages the RV in any way, assume that it will void the warranty! Use your intuition and common sense, and when in doubt, ASK! We hope this information is finding you before you have made some unfortunate changes to your RV! Just keep in mind that while we really only touched on mostly aesthetic topics, this advice extends to all of your RV's systems and components too! We here at National RV want you to enjoy RVing for many years to come, which is why we offer extended warranties and GAP coverage in the first place! We take pride in each and every one of the RVs for sale in Detroit, but we don't want to see you make a costly mistake and have to come back for another one before you're ready! Have any tips for other non-warranty-voiding modifications, or have any additional questions about our warranties? Leave us a comment below, or don't hesitate to give us a call for more information!

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