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Make Relaxation Your Destination in an Airstream Tommy Bahama RV

The RV lifestyle embodies the true spirit of adventure and carefree relaxation, and no brand aligns better with these ideals than Tommy Bahama®. Since its founding in 1993, Tommy Bahama has been infusing the island lifestyle into everything from apparel and alcohol to fragrances and home furnishings. And now they've partnered with Airstream to bring the world an exclusive line of recreational vehicles inspired by their easy, beach-living attitude. At National RV, we are so excited to introduce and offer to our customers the Airstream special edition Tommy Bahama travel trailers and class B motorhomes!

An Island-Inspired Take On an Iconic Classic

No recreational vehicle is more recognizable than an Airstream RV. With their aluminum-clad exteriors and timeless designs, Airstream has differentiated itself as a world-class RV manufacturer with a one-of-a-kind look and unparalleled nostalgia. In partnering with Tommy Bahama, Airstream intends to preserve its same signature look while blending in an island-inspired feel that could only be achieved with the influence of America's most beloved beach-bum brand. Throughout Airstream Tommy Bahama RVs you'll find tropical decorative touches like warm wood tones and bright floral fabrics. From the bedding to the bathroom walls, you'll be sure to notice all the details which set these special edition RVs apart from other Airstream models.

Travel Everywhere and Never Leave Paradise

With Airstream Tommy Bahama RVs you can take the beach with you no matter where you decide to go. Watch sunsets through your wide-framed panoramic windows, mix yourself up a coconut-flavored cocktail at the built-in bar, or dine on seafood and fresh fruit in the shade beneath your power patio awning! Whether you're at the water's edge or you're just dreaming of a warm getaway, Airstream's special edition Tommy Bahama RVs will transport you to a blissful paradise where the sun is always shining and the waves never stop lapping at the shore.

The Tommy Bahama® Accessory Kit

Each Airstream Tommy Bahama RV includes an accessory kit filled with items that will help put you in a tranquil state of mind. Each name-brand item offers functionality so you can use them throughout your travels! The exclusive Tommy Bahama accessory kit includes:

  • A portable cooler

  • Coffee mugs

  • A folding camp chair

  • Bathroom towels

  • Maui mango hand soap

  • A decorative candle

  • Bar glasses

  • Solid granite drink chillers

  • A bartender multi-tool

  • A sailfish bottle opener

Airstream Tommy Bahama Touring Coaches

With two floor plans to choose from (Lounge and Grand Tour), the Airstream Tommy Bahama touring coaches are an excellent choice for any traveler interested in a compact class B motorhome. The touring coaches are powered with a reliable Mercedes-Benz® 3.0L V6 turbo diesel engine so you can go coast to coast with confidence. At just 24' 4.5" long and 6' 7.7" wide, you'll be able to maneuver and park your RV with ease! Some of the most unique features of the Tommy Bahama touring coaches include:

  • A 100-watt flexible solar panel for off-grid capabilities

  • Heated driver and passenger seats so you stay comfortable as you travel

  • A heated windshield so you never have to scrape snow or ice off in cold climates

  • Two LED widescreen HDTVs for easy entertainment when the weather's stormy

  • An awesome bar storage rack for convenient access to your favorite beverages

  • Seating for up to 9 people so you can bring your whole entourage along

Airstream Tommy Bahama Travel Trailers

One of the coolest design features of the Airstream Tommy Bahama travel trailer is the unique rear hatched cargo door. Not only does this enlarged access point make easy work of loading and unloading your bikes, surfboards, and kayaks, but it also lets you welcome in a warm, refreshing breeze as you relax inside! At only 28' long and 8' 5.5" wide, you won't need a monstrous super-duty truck to haul this rig, which still manages to accommodate sleep space for up to 6 campers! Some of the most unique features of the Tommy Bahama travel trailers include:

  • A pillow-top memory foam queen-sized mattress with under-bed storage

  • An ice maker so you won't have any problems keeping your cocktails cold

  • A doorbell to give your RV charming, residential functionality

  • An HDTV with surround sound for a complete cinematic experience

  • An impressive built-in bar with a wine rack so you never go thirsty

The weekend never ends with an Airstream Tommy Bahama RV! So if you hear the beach beckoning and you're ready for the open road, come on down to National RV in Detroit and tour one of these exclusive special edition RVs! Paradise is waiting for you!

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