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Leveling an RV Quickly and Easily

Leveling your recreational vehicle will make it safer and more enjoyable to use, but you may say, “but I don’t know how to level my RV.” Fortunately, RV leveling may be quicker and easier than you think. The concept is simple: raise the lower side so that the RV is level. With a few easy steps, you can set yourself for a more enjoyable stay.

RV-Leveling Steps
You are likely thinking that this process will be beyond your abilities. Follow these steps, and you will be done in no time:

1. Position the RV in the site you’ve chosen.
2. Place a level on the floor of the RV to measure how level it is side to side.
3. Determine how many leveling blocks you need. It is okay for this to be an estimate; you can always try again until you get it right.
4. Move the RV forward or backward from desired position.
5. Place leveling blocks where the tires were.
6. Return the RV to its original position, with the tires now on the blocks.
7. Repeat steps 2-6 until the RV is level side to side.
8. Turn the level so it is measuring how level the RV is front to back.
9. If you have a travel trailer, unhitch the tow vehicle and adjust the height using the tongue jack at the front. If you have a 5th wheel or toy hauler, use the same system of leveling blocks to adjust the front-to-back leveling.
10. If applicable, lower the rear stabilizers until they are snug against the ground.

Common Mistakes
The most common error when leveling an RV is using the wrong products. Jacks are not intended for leveling an RV at a site. Their purpose is for temporarily lifting the RV to change tires and perform other maintenance. Similarly, the stabilizers at the rear of some RVs are not for leveling. Their purpose is to keep the RV nice and stable while in use.

Use the right products such as lumber or purpose-made leveling blocks and the process described above. You’ll be leveling your RV quickly and easily.

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