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Introducing the New Airstream Basecamp! Compact RV, Big Adventures!

Airstream is re-releasing a better version of the popular Basecamp model that arrived back in 2007! They did some research and asked the experts to gather info on just what to improve! By experts we mean people who actually have owned Basecamp models previously and dealerships that have previously sold them. It took them over two years to collect the data and come up with the perfect design, but it’s finally here! Introducing the brand new Airstream Basecamp! This compact RV will take you on big adventures!

Layout and Features

The layout of the brand new Airstream Basecamp is definitely multifunctional! This small RV has tons of things brilliantly packed into it both inside and out! The first thing you’ll notice about this amazing travel trailer is the lightweight design that has a dry weight of only 2,585 lbs! With a weight like that you can easily pull this camper along even with an SUV! Stopping is a cinch too with the self adjusting brakes that come along with it!

Getting set up at the campground is just as easy as getting there with the hitch that rests on a wheel making adjustment easy. Two included stabilizer jacks make sure it doesn’t rock or sway from movement inside or wind outside.

Once you’re unhitched you can take advantage of the included slide in visor where you can relax in the shade outside! If you happen to have headed out in the cold weather, you can make great use of the 14.3K BTU heating system that will keep the inside nice and warm for you! With the heated underbelly and 12v tank heaters, you won’t have to worry about anything freezing up on you!

When you find your stomach rumbling after a day of exploration, you can head inside to whip up a nutritious meal! The kitchen in the front of the Basecamp offers everything you need to keep your body fueled! There’s no more cooking in stages or limiting what you make to the old single burner! With a 2-burner cooktop, you can simmer the sauce and boil the pasta at the same time! The 3 cu. ft. fridge runs off both gas and electric so you can be assured it will stay powered up no matter where you are and keep your leftovers, drinks, and perishable items cold!

In the center of the Basecamp you’ll find your own private bathroom! You’ll love having your own toilet as well as a shower and sink! You’ll never have to chance the uncertainties of the campground bathroom, pay for a shower, or have to hurry because there’s a line! The water heater also runs on electric or gas so you can enjoy hot showers anywhere!

The rear of the Basecamp is a multifaceted area! You can switch this spot into so many things! The bench seating makes for a great place to gather for conversation or just to kick back and relax! The seats of the benches flip up to reveal handy storage areas. When you want to enjoy a card game, or dig into a mouth-watering meal, you can pop the removable tables in between to make it a dinette! When night falls and your exhausted from all the amazing camping activities, fold down the backs of the seats to create beds! This is probably the most dynamic travel trailer on the market today!

There are two doors on the Basecamp as well! One is on the side and offers a screen so you can enjoy the breeze without the pests. The other is found in the rear of the design that makes loading and unloading cargo a snap!

Available Options

What more could there be with all that comes standard? There’s plenty to add on to the Basecamp to bring your camping experience to another level! You can pick and choose which options are right for you!

The microwave that can be added to the kitchen will make heating leftovers or snacks quick and easy! There’s nothing like being able to reheat that dish you worked so hard on the day before without having to dirty a pan and watch a burner!

If you want to expand your space, check out the tents that can be added on! You can have one on the side, one on the rear, or both! Relax outside in a bug free environment when you use them as screen rooms, or bring along sleeping bags for guests so you can increase your sleeping space!

Planning on heading off grid? Ensure your batteries stay charged with the rooftop solar package! This package adds 160-watt solar panels that will harness the energy of the sun so you can enjoy more time in the wild!

Some climates offer a hot summer and even some winters! You can add in a 9.5K BTU a/c unit to your Basecamp! This a/c will keep the inside cool even when the outside is blistering hot!


There are three interior décor options of the Basecamp for you to choose from! All three décor options have a wood looking linoleum that’s easy to clean. From there you can choose to have the River Rock, Red Rock, or the Warm Stone options. River Rock and Red Rock both offer deep gray seating and a wood grain base to the furniture. The difference between the two looks is that the Red Rock has red topstitching on the seating and a red cargo bar. The Warm Stone option has a lighter tan seating with a silver cargo bar like the River Rock.

Basecamp at National RV

We’re bringing this amazing travel trailer to our lot! This means you can get yours for the rock bottom pricing you’ve come to expect from National RV! Since we’re located not far North from the Airstream factory, it costs us less to get them here! We’ve also worked hard to form a relationship and negotiate the absolute lowest price from Airstream themselves. All this translates into a much lower purchase price for you! Fill out a credit app now to get started! We offer nationwide delivery to bring your Basecamp to your door! You can see more of this RV on our model page! Don’t see the one you want? You can custom order it for fit your exact needs!

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