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Increase Your Productivity: Outdoor Office RV Modifications

If you're an RVer who works from the road, you probably know that when it comes to finding a great office space inside your RV, it's slim pickins. Sure, you can set up your laptop at your dinette and type away there, but what happens when it's lunchtime and it's pouring outside? You get booted from the dinette and have to relocate to somewhere else inside your RV. So maybe you end up stretched out on the sofa with your computer on your lap. While that may be comfortable for a while, you'll get tired of having one arm pinned against the cushions and trying to "mouse around" without a mouse pad. What you really need is a designated office space so you aren't getting shuffled from one spot to another. While there are many ideas for making modifications inside your RV to create a great office on the road, we want to look at ways you can breathe in the fresh outdoor air and soak up the warm sunshine while working in an outdoor office. Just because you have to work doesn't mean you have to be confined by four walls and a roof! Check out these outdoor office RV modifications for inspiration on how you can lighten up your workday with a little sunshine while in the great outdoors.

Screened-in Office

Increase your RV's square footage by setting up a separate screened-in room next to it. I've seen lots of campers who set these up and use them as a separate dining room. They move the picnic table inside of it and can enjoy cooking and meals in there without being surrounded by flies, mosquitos, and other annoying insects that can ruin a meal in no time flat. You can put a screened-in room to good use as an office as well. Set the picnic table inside of it and you have plenty of table space for your laptop, mouse pad, office accessories, papers, your cell phone, and more. Or get creative and bring along some great space-saving office furniture that you can easily set up inside the screened-in room. Check out this VITTSJÖ laptop table from IKEA that features adjustable feet so you can create an even working space on uneven ground. Add this LENNART cart and a VAGSBERG/SPORREN swivel chair and you'll have a fully-furnished office just steps from your RV. Add a floor mat if you don't have a rug or camping carpet to put underneath the chair. Not only does the screened-in room provide a barrier between you and pesky insects, but it also keeps you dry if it starts to rain. This Eagle's Camp Screen House from Cabela's offers 120 square feet of space so you can stretch out and get comfortable while you work. So when you call out, "I'm heading to the office," you can step into your quiet office oasis, zip yourself in, and know that the only distractions may be the occasional crackling from a nearby campfire or the smell of your campsite neighbors roasting hot dogs.

Exterior Kitchen Turned Workstation

Some RVs feature an exterior kitchen that can be modified into a stand-up workstation pretty easily. This Zinger ZT32SB travel trailer features a rear outside kitchen that offers plenty of room if used as an outdoor office. Once the refrigerator is removed, you have the perfect nook for your laptop. The cabinets and countertop space can be used for office accessories or small office machines like a printer. The sink even has a cover so you don't have to worry about dropping pens or papers into it. The exterior kitchen is designed to be at a great height for standing while working, but if you get tired of standing for hours on end, add this fun NILSERIK standing support chair from IKEA which will help you take a load off without sitting down. If you're lucky enough to already have an RV with an exterior kitchen, then you can start creating your new stand-up office. But if you're interested in considering a new RV that has this awesome exterior kitchen feature, check out our huge selection online where you can search through New and Used RVs from the country's best RV manufacturers. Do you work from your RV? Do you have any outdoor office space ideas to share with us? We'd love to hear from you or see pictures of your outdoor RV office! Please share in the comments below or post pictures on Facebook or Instagram.

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