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How To Find A Pet Vet On The Road

Four-legged friends make the best travel buddies, and the fact that over half of all RV owners travel with their pets is just a testament to this. But the benefits of RVing with pets doesn’t come without some added responsibility. With the unpredictable tendencies of the traveling lifestyle, you never know what kinds of risks or dangers your pets will encounter, and this can be scary when you’re not in the vicinity of a familiar and trusted veterinarian. But don’t let your fears keep you from seeing the world with your pet by your side! We’ve got everything you need to know about how to find a pet vet on the road, so that you and your beloved animal can explore together with peace of mind!

Plan Ahead

Nobody plans a trip to the emergency room, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t at least be prepared to deal with an emergency, should one happen. As a precautionary measure, contact you local veterinarian and notify them of your intentions to take your pet RVing. Do some research to locate an approved vet care center located near your intended destination. It can also be a good idea to identify a few other vet clinics along your route just in case something arises before you make it to your location. By planning ahead, you will have added insights into which veterinarians offer the best care at the most affordable rates.

Search Online

You might not always be able to plan ahead, especially if you travel frequently or spontaneously. Luckily, the power of the Internet can always come to the rescue on short notice! A simple google search for “emergency vet care” in your area will yield numerous results. It is a good idea to look up this information as soon as you have settled into a semi-permanent location, this way you can have the telephone number quickly on hand if it’s needed.

The American Animal Hospital Association has a search field on their website that lets you input your current address to receive results of accredited veterinarians in your area. By using this tool, you can be assured that the listed vet clinics have met the rigorous standards of the organization. The app VetFinder is also handy in locating a local vet on short notice. This app offers the added advantage of being able to refine your search results to best suit the situation and your pet’s needs.

Ask Around

Pet owners are always happy to help out fellow animal lovers. If you’re not able to online for information on vet care, just look to the pet owners around you for insight! If you’re staying at an RV park, ask some of the staff members if they have pets. If they do, inquire about which local vet they use. If you’re on the move, don’t hesitate to pull over and ask a dog-walking bystander for a trusted recommendation.

When it comes to finding a pet vet on the road, technology is your friend! With a simple Internet search, you can find a trusted veterinarian just about anywhere your travels take you. Have you ever had to seek emergency care for your pet while on the road? If so, tell us about your experience in the Comments below!

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