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How Much Room Do You Need in Your RV Garage?

If you have outdoor recreational toys and want to take them along on camping trips for extreme adventure, then you're going to need a toy hauler to load them into. Toy hauler garages vary in size, as do the toys that fit into them. When shopping for a toy hauler or toys to put into one, you'll need to know weights and measurements of both so that you can safely and securely get from Point A to Point B. Overloading an RV can be dangerous and is actually the number one cause of RV accidents. So let's take a look at the sizes of recreational toys and toy hauler RVs to determine how much room you need in your RV garage for your ATVs, snowmobiles, and other fun toys.

Weight Limits

Just because your large utility ATV can fit inside your toy hauler's garage doesn't mean that the RV can handle it. Like all RVs, toy haulers have weight limits that you must adhere to. In determining a toy hauler's weight limit, find the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) on the information sticker that should be posted near the door of the RV. This is the total amount of weight the rig can handle, meaning its own weight plus anything else you load into it. Now find the Unloaded Vehicle Weight (UVW), which can also be called shipping weight or dry weight. This is how much the RV weighs straight off the factory floor before any options or anything else are added to it. Subtract the UVW from the GVWR to determine how much room (weight) is left over for your cargo. But cargo isn't just your outdoor toys, it also includes camping supplies, food, clothing, passengers, fuel, etc. So determine the weight of your supplies and other other cargo before factoring in your recreational toys. As an example, a Cyclone 4018 toy hauler has a GVWR of 20,000 lbs. and a UVW of 15,530 lbs. When we subtract them, we find that we have 4,470 lbs. left for all of our cargo (toys , supplies, and passengers).

The average width of toy hauler garages is between 7.5-8 feet and they can vary in length from 7 to almost 20 feet! The most popular toy haulers feature garages that are between 10-14 feet long. So let's take a look at the most common toys that we see being loaded into toy haulers and their corresponding weights and measurements. This includes ATVs, side by sides, dune buggies, snowmobiles, and bikes. We've included the smallest and largest measurements for each type of toy, but make sure to measure your specific toys to ensure they fit well.


ATVs, or quads, come in a lot of different sizes. Small, youth-sized ATVs measure around 60”L x 37”W x 35”H and weigh around 250 lbs. The larger utility ATVs are around 94”L x 45”W x 44”H and weigh about 830 lbs.

Side by Sides

Go off-roading on your next camping trip with a fun side by side. The size and weight of a side by side depends on how many people it can accommodate. The smaller units are usually around 118”L x 59”W x 72”H and weigh around 1,290 lbs. The larger utility models are about 150”L x 59”W x 76”H and weigh around 1,560 lbs.

Dune Buggies

Cruise up and down the dunes on a hot summer day for a fun time! A small, one-person dune buggy measures about 53”L x 31”W x 37”H and weighs about 175 lbs. The larger ones that can hold multiple passengers measure about 165”L x 78”W x 80”H and weigh around 1,500 lbs.


When the snow starts to fly, load up your snowmobiles for a cool time! Youth-sized snowmobiles measure around 72”L x 35”W x 31”H and weigh about 150 lbs. Big utility sleds are about 135”L x 50”W x 51”H and weigh around 500 lbs.


Whether you’re hauling dirt bikes to a motocross tournament or a Harley to the Sturgis Bike Rally, you're guaranteed a great time! Kids’ dirt bikes usually measure around 67”L x 31”W x 39”H and weigh about 160 lbs. Larger bikes with dual wheels are around 105”L x 99”W x 61”H and weigh around 900 lbs.

Use the measurements and weights above to help determine how much room you need in your toy hauler's garage. Safety should always be a priority, so make sure to adhere to the weight limits of your RV and avoid overloading its cargo garage.

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