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Home Remedies And Hacks For Mosquito Bites

Oh no! You've been out camping and have nearly gotten eaten alive by pesky mosquitos! Within a couple hours you’ll notice the raised bumps and itchiness that can be annoying, painful, and dangerous if they get infected. Here are some great home remedies and hacks for mosquito bites!

First, it is important to understand the science behind mosquito bites in order to treat them! As soon as a mosquito bites, it releases saliva, which contains an anti-coagulating substance to prevent your blood from thickening and clotting. This causes a mini allergic reaction in your body, creating histamines which result in an itchy bump on your skin! Medicines used to treat mosquito bites typically contain antihistamines to help relieve the effects, but here are some natural and helpful hacks!

Tea Bag

Refrigerate a damp green tea bag and hold it on the bite for a few minutes. The coldness of the tea bag will help to soothe the itch, and the green tea will help reduce inflammation!

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is a great soothing agent and can help to soothe itchy skin! For even more relief, throw some aloe gel in the refrigerator for a bit before applying, as the cold will help relieve itching!

Essential Oils

Essential oils seem to have a useful solution to just about everything, and mosquito bites are no exception! Tea tree essential oil has great anti-inflammatory properties that will help with pain and swelling at the itching site, and can even help in the prevention of infection! Lavender essential oil can also help relieve mosquito bites with its calming essence!


Soak a cotton ball in vinegar and apply it to your bite and leave it there for a few minutes. This helps to reduce the pain and helps the wound to heal! If you have several bites, fill a tub with water and add 2 1/2 cups of vinegar for overall relief! It is best to use organic apple cider vinegar, for a more natural solution!

Baking Soda

Mix baking soda and water to create a paste, and apply it directly to your bite. This will help to reduce itching and pain within minutes!

Witch Hazel

This natural astringent helps to pull moisture out of the mosquito bite while its anti-inflammatory properties help to reduce the swelling and heal the bite!

Toothpaste Or Mint

Toothpaste is an age-old hack for alleviating the itch of mosquito bites, and it has proven effective! While it doesn’t necessarily heal the bite, the cooling sensation from the toothpaste distracts your brain from the itching sensation as the brain receives messages of cooling faster than those of itching! If you’d rather not spread toothpaste on your skin, you can use fresh mint on the bite, which will have a similar effect!

We hope these home remedies and hacks for mosquito bites have been a big help in relieving those annoying and painful bumps! Hopefully you won’t get mosquito bites again in the first place, but in case you do, this list has you covered! Do you have any other tried and true mosquito bite hacks and home remedies? Comment to share them with us!

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