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Health Insurance For The Nomad

Living the lifestyle of a nomad can be very liberating. You'll experience freedoms like no other, see sights that most will never see, and meet people you would have otherwise never known. But with this free and easy lifestyle comes something that's not so simple: health care. Sure, you can always find a doctor or clinic willing to see you, but are you willing to pay the high fees they charge? Many insurance plans have geographical parameters you have to stay within, such as your state of residency, so often you won't be covered once you're beyond state lines. It's important that your medical needs are covered as you venture out to enjoy the RV lifestyle, so let's take a look at health insurance for the nomad.

Nationwide Health Plan

Getting a private plan is the simplest way to go to find one that will cover you where you want to go. If you head on over to healthcare.gov, you can search through all the plans offered and find one that will work for your travel plans. Look for multi-state plans and read them over well to be sure they will actually cover you when you're out of your home state. Some will only cover you in neighboring states. Still others will even call themselves multi-state plans when they're not. This is a case where reading the fine print is well worth your time!

Free Clinics

One way to avoid costly doctor visits when you're out of state is to look for a free clinic. These clinics are typically government funded, run by medical volunteers, and offer treatment for little to no cost. They'll see you for an illness, injury, and many will offer treatment for a chronic illness that requires periodic visits. The only issue with these is that they are typically very busy, and you have to locate one before hand. To see if there's a clinic in the area you're planning to visit, check out the National Association of Free & Charitable Clinics. Here you can enter a location and see where nearby clinics are.

See a Doctor Via the Internet

One of the greatest things about our technologically driven world is the ability to connect with one another from anywhere. This includes seeing a doctor as well! Check with your doctor to find out if they offer this virtual service. Many doctors are starting to get on board, as it helps to lessen their workload. If your current doctor doesn't offer this service, don't worry, there's a solution. You can sign up for a program called Telemedicine. For a nominal fee, you can connect to a doctor at any time, anywhere. This obviously only works for more common and non-urgent issues, so if you need stitches it's not going to work. If you are healthy and don't require a lot of visits, this could be a great option. If you come down with a cough and need antibiotics, you simply pop open the laptop, talk to the doc, and they can call in a prescription to a nearby pharmacy for you. It's as simple as that! For pricing and other options, check out RVer Insurance Exchange.

Medical Cost Sharing Programs

Another insurance alternative is a medical cost sharing program. While this isn't actual insurance, it's a group of people who all pay to help cover the cost of one another's health care issues. The only thing you have to keep an eye on when looking for a program such as this is that most of them are offered by faith-based organizations. Consequently, some of these organizations won't offer coverage for things like birth control due to their religious beliefs. If birth control is something you'll need, make sure it's not excluded. You can find plans at sites like Liberty Health Share and My Christian Care.
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