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GoPro Accessories To Help Document Your Adventures!

A GoPro is the ultimate documentation tool. They’re built to withstand the elements and can handle some rough and tumble adventure. The type of accessories that come with your GoPro depends on the version you get. Some packages come with a bundle of accessories, while others do not. If you're interested in expanding the abilities of your GoPro, here are some great accessories to help document your adventures!


If you like to hit the trails on your bike, you know it can be hard to get a good shot while hanging on to a GoPro, especially if you’re riding over rough terrain. With a bike mount, the bike does the holding, so all you have to do is pay attention to the trail. Check out this versatile bike mount that lets you attach the camera to the handlebars, seat, or any other bar on your bike.


Unload your dune buggy, ATV, or SSV from the toy hauler and strap your GoPro right onto it! Similar to the bike mount, it’s stronger and made for larger poles, like a roll bar. With 360° rotation, it’s easy to put on and adjust to make sure you get the angle you need. Click here for more info.


For hiking, climbing, and winter sports, consider getting a head strap. With this head strap, the camera looks everywhere you look. It’s adjustable so one size fits all and they're designed to fit over a helmet or hat if you’re wearing one. Take a look at it here.


Do you like snorkeling or scuba diving? Protecting your GoPro with a Super Suit helps to make sure your camera doesn’t fall victim to water damage. With this accessory you can dive as deep as 196 feet without worry. You can also use it out of the water to help keep it protected from small debris such as gravel when you’re out on those trails. Check it out here!


This is an accessory for an accessory! The water filters help to ensure that when you're using the Super Suit on your GoPro, you're still getting footage with great color. When you dive deep, some colors can be washed out and hard to see. These filters correct these color issues to ensure you get the exact picture you’re looking for. They're available for blue water and green water.


If you like to stay atop the water, this is the accessory for you! It mounts your camera right to your surfboard so you can either point it outward and get a great view of the ride, or turn it around to face you so you’re in the shot too! This one isn’t an official GoPro accessory, but it seems from the reviews to be well made. It's available for sale on Amazon here.


Since GoPros aren't known for floating, you might want one of these if you like to use yours in the water. This flotation device is great for using your GoPro when surfing, boating, waterskiing, jet skiing, parasailing, or any other sport on top of the water. It’s bright orange for easy visibility. Check it out!


When you head out in the cold or into a humid area, you may find that the lens of your GoPro fogs up. Don't stay in a fog! Use these anti-fog inserts to keep your lens clean for great shots. They just slip into the housing and absorb moisture. Then you can pop them in the oven to dry them out and use them again up to four times. This is another accessory that’s not made by GoPro, but it seems to be good quality. You can get them on Amazon here.


The most amazing accessory out there if you want to shell out the big bucks is the Karma Drone. It comes in a case that you can wear like a backpack so it can easily go anywhere you go. Then when you want to fly it, you pop your GoPro into it and use the super simple remote to control it. Fly it up and over the area to get a great shot, fly it into an unknown area to see if it’s worth venturing into, or find your way out when you’re lost by getting an arial view to reset your bearings. Check out the Karma Drone here.

Located in Michigan, we're surrounded by the expansive Great Lakes! There are always awesome opportunities to get out on the water or go play in the snow and these accessories make bringing a GoPro along super easy! The next time you get some great shots with your GoPro, share them with us on Facebook or Instagram so we can see how you're having fun!

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