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Easy Organization For Small Bathrooms

It’s no secret that RV bathrooms tend to be on the smaller side! But isn’t that the whole idea of an RV? After all, there compact design is what gives them the ability to operate as such a great home away from home that you can take anywhere! To adjust to a less roomy bathroom means you might have to get really creative with organizing in order to bring along everything that you’d like for your getaways or full-time adventures! Here are some great ideas for easy organization for small bathrooms!

Cabinet Door Storage

PVC Pipe

Use small sections of PVC pipes mounted with command strips as holders for toothbrushes, makeup, and plenty of other small items! You can use larger diameter PVC pipe to make holders for hair styling appliances as well!


If you’d like to store more items, apply command hooks and hang lightweight baskets on the inside of your cabinet for a more practical and versatile storage option!

Over-Cabinet Trash Basket

Plenty of online retailers sell small trash baskets that have hooks that hang over your cabinet door, getting that trash can up off the floor so you have room for other items!

Shower Organization

Hang Up Toiletries

If you have a shower with a rod and curtain, you can utilize the rod for simple storage! Find hooks with clips on the bottom and hang your lightweight shampoo, hair styling products, lotions, and more! The clips secure to the top crimped part of the container and hang conveniently out of the way on your shower rod!

Shoe Organizer

If your shower curtain isn’t too heavy, hang a shoe organizer on your curtain rod which will provide an incredible amount of storage compartments!

Standard Shower Caddy

Although it is not always the case, if your shower has a sturdy shower head, hang a shower caddy organizer on it!

Shower Lanyard

If your shower head is small, keep a handy shower lanyard like the ShowerLine in the shower, which holds travel sized bottles and has a clip for a loofah or sponge!

Second Shower Curtain

Another great option is to buy an adjustable shower curtain rod and install it on the opposite side from your existing curtain and hang baskets from it!

General Bathroom Storage

Command Hooks

These incredibly useful hooks and adhesive strips are a must-have for decorating and organization in your RV, including the bathroom! You can use the hooks to hang towels, or towel bars, or pretty much any hanging item! They even carry an incredible bathroom product line for just about any bathroom need, and the best part is that they can be removed without doing damage to your walls or cabinets!

DIY Magnetic Makeup Organizer

If you like to DIY, paint an old cookie sheet with any design you’d like, then stick magnets to the back of your makeup containers. Hang up your painted cookie sheet on the wall and then stick your makeup on the sheet! Voila! You’ll have plenty of cabinet space now!

Rail & Hanging Containers

Installing a simple rail or small towel bar and hanging small containers off from it is a handy storage option! Use S-hooks to hang small buckets off a bar, or check out IKEA’s awesomely affordable Bygel series, with a simple rail with cute and colorful containers hung from it! Just be sure not to overload your containers, as it might pull the bar off the wall and damage them!

Magazine Rack For Toilet Paper

Use a wide magazine holder to store toilet paper! It’ll be in a super convenient spot next to your toilet, and it’ll free up valuable space in your cabinets!

Hopefully these awesome ideas for easy organization for small bathrooms will help to decrease clutter, allowing you to bring along more of the essentials with you for your trips, or more storage during your full-time living adventures! Have any other fun or useful ideas for small bathroom organization? Leave us a comment to share!

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