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DIY Replace Your RV Dinette Cushions

Those old dinette cushions just aren’t working for you anymore. They’re worn, uncomfortable, and really don’t match the décor, which means they're ready for a bit of your creative DIY expertise! Replace your RV dinette cushions for a custom look that’s much less expensive than manufacturer made cushions! The best part of this DIY? There’s no sewing involved! Head off to the craft store and pick up your supplies! Then come back to this post for step-by-step and easy-to-follow instructions!

Supply List

  • Foam pieces the same size and thickness as the current cushions

  • 1/4” plywood sheets cut 1” smaller on all sides of the size of the cushions

  • Upholstery fabric (give them the dimensions of the cushions at the cutting table and they can help you figure out how many yards you need)

  • Polyester batting

  • A staple gun loaded with staples

  • Fabric sheers or a rotary cutter & mat


1. Cut a piece of batting to cover the top and sides of each cushion

2. Lay a piece of fabric out with the right side* facing down.

3. Place the piece of batting in the center, and then lay the foam piece on top in the center of that.

4. Place the plywood piece on top of the foam.

5. Wrap the fabric up around the cushion on one side, ensuring that the batting is even when it folds up, and staple it to the back of the plywood.

6. Continue on the opposite side, ensuring the fabric is nice and tightly pulled so you don’t end up with loose spots in the front.

7. Do the same steps with the sides, folding the corners in like you would if you were wrapping a gift.

*Note: When a project says “right side” of the fabric, it means the side you want to see.

Now you have beautifully crafted original cushions that are not only great to look at, they’re comfortable as well and they didn't break the bank! Share photos of your before and after DIY dinette cushions below!

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