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DIY Outdoor Hula Hoop Camp Shower

If you’re heading into the great outdoors without the luxury of a full bathroom, things can get a bit ripe. Camping activities like hiking and biking are rigorous, and you can work up a sweat in no time. Even just relaxing in the sun at your campsite can leave you smelling a tad funky. But there’s no reason you have to endure this less-than-fresh feeling just because your RV (or tent) doesn’t have a shower. Take matters into your own dirty hands and create a DIY outdoor hula hoop camp shower in no time flat by using just a few easy-to-find materials and a nearby tree. This homemade shower that we found online will be a lifesaver on a hot, sunny day when you want nothing more than a refreshing shower to rinse off the sweat, bug spray, and sunscreen from days past.

Materials Needed:

A sturdy (not cheap!) hula hoop about 3 feet in diameter Shower curtain or tarp Shower curtain rings or duct tape Solar-heated shower bag, like this inexpensive 5-gallon one 8-mm rope or bungee cords Clothespins or safety pins Optional: small table for toiletries


  1. Affix your shower curtain to your hula hoop in one of two ways: either use shower curtain rings to hang it, or wrap a small amount of your curtain/tarp over the hula hoop and secure it with duct tape.

  2. Next, using your rope or bungee cords, you’re going to hang your DIY shower from a tree. Find a tree that has branches that are low enough to reach, but high enough to hold your shower up off the ground. You’ll also need a branch that you can hang your water bag from.

  3. Space out your rope or bungee cords on the hula hoop so the hoop hangs evenly and doesn’t droop on one side.

  4. Center the shower bag as best you can so that when you stand in the shower you are under the flow of water.

  5. Use clothespins or safety pins to secure the ends of the shower curtain together for privacy once you step inside.

  6. In addition to the DIY shower, set up a small table just outside the opening of your curtain where you can set soap, shampoo, and towels. This will keep your toiletries and towels up off the ground so they stay clean.

This DIY outdoor hula hoop shower can also double as a private bathroom! If you don't have indoor plumbing available and are planning to use Mother Nature as your latrine, simply set this up where you intend to "go" (but not where you shower!). Miles from civilization you now have a private bathroom too! Just don't forget the Charmin! Since you just stepped out of your DIY shower smelling like fresh mountain air, don't put your dirty, sweaty clothes back on. Instead, toss them into a portable washing machine and put some fresh ones on. These handy machines are small and lightweight and clean your clothes in about 5-10 minutes with just a little soap and water. Use your DIY shower curtain rod (hula hoop) as a clothesline when your clothes are ready to dry. Have you made a DIY hula hoop shower like this one? If so, tell us how you made it or share a pic with us on Facebook or Instagram for inspiration!

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