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Camping with Herbs: Uses, Tricks, and Flavors

Tired of chemicals ruling your camping trips? Between potentially toxic bug spray to chemical-laden relief products, your first aid kit may not be ideal for your all-natural needs! Check out this awesome guide to camping with herbs, which highlights some great uses, tricks, and flavors that you can use with the plants right from your home!

Lemon Thyme

This herb is both delicious and useful! Use some leaves of fresh lemon thyme and add them to your dishes toward the end of cooking time and it’ll add a fresh lemony taste! It is also a great mosquito deterrent, with a study showing that lemon thyme is about 62 percent as effective as DEET at repelling mosquitos! Just crush the leaves and rub them on your skin! You might have to reapply every 20 minutes or so, but the protection is very worth it!


This is another great herb you can use to help prevent mosquitos from eating you alive on your camping adventures! Citronella is a main ingredient featured in most commercial repellent products, making it a great herb to bring along for your camping trip! Just like lemon thyme, you can crush the leaves and rub them on your skin, or you can also burn it in your campfire and the scented smoke will help to drive the pesky insects away!


This one admittedly isn’t an herb, but you should definitely include it in your arsenal of herbs for camping! Aloe has so many soothing and healing capabilities that it’s perfect for the aftermath of an adventurous day well spent! It’s perfect for burns, sunburn, bug bites, skin irritations, and a variety of other uses! If you don’t want to bring your entire plant with you, carefully cut off a leaf or two and store it in your refrigerator to keep it fresh!


Sage is another great herb that is both useful and tasty! It is a common ingredient in plenty of tasty dishes, so plan ahead and use sage to flavor meats like chicken, fish, and beef! You can also add a whole bundle of sage to your campfire and it will repel mosquitos from your campsite!


Rosemary is another wonderful, aromatic herb that is great for camping! The herb itself is an amazing addition to meats and vegetables to give them a fragrant, distinct taste! Rosemary oil also has a lot of amazing uses, including relieving joint and muscle pain, skin irritation and wound healing, and also helps to repel insects!


This versatile herb will relieve you in many ways around the campsite! It’s another great natural insect repellent, and you don’t have to crush its leaves to achieve the effect! They’re also a fragrant addition to your campfire, which will induce a calming effect!

Soap Nuts

Again, this isn’t necessarily an herb, but soap nuts are so incredibly useful that you’ll want to bring them along anyway! These peculiar nuts turn into the perfect natural cleanser when combined with water! Place them in a cotton muslin pouch and infuse them in water, transforming it into a fantastic cleaning solution to get dishes, clothing, and even you, sparkling clean! They’re biodegradable, completely natural, and you can get a few uses out of each pouch! These are especially useful when you’re hiking or roughing it, or just looking for a natural alternative!

Use Herbs Around the Campsite

DIY Herb Firestarters

Use your favorite herbs to craft some amazing fire starters that will add some lovely scents around your campsite and can even help keep bugs away! Just roll up your desired herbs and any spices you’d like in a newspaper and tie with some string or twine! Experiment to find your favorite scent combinations! Some great ones to try include lavender, citrus, lemongrass, sage, cloves, and cinnamon sticks!

Bring Plants Along

If you have the space, bring along whole plants of insect-repelling herbs, like lavender and rosemary, and place them around your campsite to create a perimeter that keeps bugs away!

Infused Solutions

Use your fresh herbs to create salves, sprays, creams, and other useful solutions so you can have a natural herbal first aid kit to help get you through just about any ailment you’ll encounter on your camping excursions!

Hopefully these uses for herbs will make your next camping trip a safe, tasty one! Whether you’re seasoning up a tasty dinner or treating a scrape, these herbs naturally have you covered! What other herbs would you bring camping? What other uses do you have for these herbs? Leave us a comment to share your tips!

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