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Camper's Guide: Emergency Uses For Paracord

Paracord was originally designed for use as parachute cords, hence the name, but it didn’t take long before people discovered just how many functions paracord has. Because of its strength, durability, and water-resistant properties, paracord is extremely versatile and it’s lightweight too, so it’s easy to pack along with you on all your outdoor adventures. In this camper’s guide we’ll be discussing all the emergency uses for paracord. Once you realize just how many uses there are, your inner survivalist won’t let you walk into the woods without carrying some along!

Medical Emergencies

Accidents happen and injuries in the great outdoors can often times be unavoidable. But with the assistance of some paracord, you will have a better chance of being able to keep yourself and others safe.

Stitching Thread—Use the inner strands to close up open wounds

Improvised Tourniquet—Use as a compress for uncontrolled blood loss

Makeshift Sling—Use to support a broken appendage

Body Lift—Use to transport an injured person to safety

Exit Ladder—Use to descend the drop between your RV fire exits and the ground

Repair Emergencies

Things can break without cause and you never know when you might need to make a repair. Luckily paracord can come in handy for a variety of repair needs.

Sewing Thread—Use the inner strands to stitch up ripped clothes and torn gear

Tent Line—Use to hold up shelter when you break or misplace one of your guy lines

Shoe String—Use to replace a broken shoe lace on your hiking boots

Zipper Pull—Use it to replicate a zipper pull on your backpack or jacket

Lamp Fuse—Use it as a fuse for your oil lantern, as paracord burns quite well

Survival Emergencies

When your food, water, and shelter accessibility is in jeopardy, you are in a survival emergency situation. Keep yourself alive with the use of paracord for some of your most basic survival needs.

Bow Drill String—Use a bow drill to make fire with paracord as the bow string

Hunting Snare—Use the inner strands of the paracord as a snare line

Fishing Line—Use to catch fish by fixing the inner strands to a fishing hook

Firewood Collection—Use to bundle up firewood and transport it more easily

Bear Bag String—Use to hang up food high in the trees when in bear country

Bonus Camping Conveniences

Paracord can come in handy for more than just emergency situations, which is why it’s always smart to leave some in your RV’s tool kit just in case. Here are some of the convenient uses for paracord while camping.

Clothes Line—Use to dry clothes by tying the cord up between two trees

Dog Leash—Use to keep your canine close and within a safe proximity

Solar Shower Suspension—Use to hang up a solar shower from a tree limb

Hair Tie or Head Band—Use to keep your hair out of your face when camping

Tow Rope—Use to pull out stuck ATVs or other off-road vehicles

Boat Tie—Use to secure your boat or skiff to the shore

Do you have any other emergency uses for paracord that we didn’t have on our list? Let us know in the comments!

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