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Bug Frenzy Game

If there is one thing that you should NOT forget on a camping trip, it’s bug spray! Any adventure you go on, you should have the powerful, high percentage in deet, all bugs and deep woods, bug spray! There is nothing worse on a fun family camping trip than being scratchy, itchy, and covered in red, bumpy bug bites! As you pack the heavy-duty spray of safety and hope that the pesky bugs stay away, let’s make a game out of it! The Bug Frenzy Game is a fun way of keeping everyone on their toes and handing out non-itchy ‘bug bites’ to others!

Don’t forget to pack:

For your next camping trip, make sure you pack red dot stickers or red markers (preferably washable)! When you get to your campsite and settle in, start up a game!

Set up:

Come up with a list of words that would be frequently said on a camping trip or around the campsite. Examples could be: “Tent," “RV,” “Fire pit,” “Food,” “Camping,” “Campground,” “Bugs,” “Mosquito,” etc. (These are just examples; feel free to come up with your own list of words)! The words you come up with will be considered ‘bug bite’ words and when the game starts you definitely don’t want to be caught saying the ‘bug bite’ words! Next, you pass out the red dot stickers or red markers, set a time frame, and begin!

The Game:

During Bug Frenzy, if you hear someone say one of the ‘bug bite’ words, you get to put a non-itchy ‘bug bite’ on him or her! Take one of your red dot stickers or your red marker and put a dot on the person who was caught saying a ‘bug bite’ word! To add a curveball to the game, throw in the ‘Bug Frenzy!’ Parents, appoint one of you to call out ‘Bug Frenzy!’ but keep that factor of the game a secret so it’s a surprise! During your set time frame of the game, yell out ‘Bug Frenzy!’ and set a quick 10-15 seconds of craziness! What the ‘bug frenzy’ entails is a free-for-all for everyone to run around giving out free ‘bug bites’ to anyone they can catch! Set boundaries so no one goes running off too far. It adds fairness to the playing field as some may have gone through the game with no ‘bug bites’ yet! After the 10-15 seconds of craziness is finished, call out ‘Bug Spray!’ and that will cease the free-for-all. Continue with the game and when time is up, have everyone count up their ‘bug bites’. Whoever has the most ‘bug bites’ at the end of the game has to take off or wash off everyone else’s ‘bug bites’!

Other places to play:

This game is definitely not limited to just your campsite! You can take this game on a family hike or an afternoon adventure! If you decide to take the game with you on a hike, instead of taking the red dot stickers and red markers and chancing them getting lost along the way, you can always have the ‘bug bites’ be fallen leaves, or twigs and sticks on the ground you can pick up as you hike along a trail. For your ‘bug bite’ words, you can add things you would see in nature while hiking. Example: “Look,” “Bird,” “Animal tracks,” etc. You can still have the ‘Bug Frenzy’ in your game, but make sure everyone stays on the trails, as we want to respect the things being preserved off the trail. By the end of the hike, whoever has the most leaves or sticks you can appoint to do an extra chore for the night back at the campsite. Make sure that if you do take this game on a family hike, you actually apply bug spray to everyone so no one gets a real bug bite!

Playing this game gives a fun meaning to itchy, scratchy bug bites and is a great reminder that while camping you should always apply bug spray!

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