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Brie and Cranberry Pie Iron Pastries

Are you looking for a tasty, classy camping dessert? What about a hobo pie? Believe it or not, these incredible brie and cranberry pie iron pastries are super easy to make and they taste amazing! Just a few ingredients and some time over the fire provides you with a tasty, satisfying desserts that is sure to impress guests at your campsite! Here’s how to craft these delicious treats!

What You’ll Need

1 Can of cranberry sauce

8 oz. Package of brie cheese

1 Can of crescent rolls

Nonstick cooking spray, oil, or butter


1. Use nonstick spray, oil, or butter to coat each side of your pie iron completely to ensure that your pie won't stick to the iron, and that it gets a nice, crispy golden-brown finish.

2. Open your can of crescent rolls, and unroll the sheet. Break off squares of crescent rolls (two triangles) and place a square on the bottom of each pie iron, making sure to cover the area of the iron.

3. Spread cranberry sauce on the crescent roll, then thinly slice brie and place over the cranberry sauce. Top with more cranberry sauce and a second square of crescent roll and pinch the sides of both the top and bottom together to ensure your pie won't leak everywhere

4. Close the iron and toast over the fire until golden brown, about 10 minutes on each side. Wait to check the doneness of your pie until at least 5 minutes into the second side. A good rule of thumb is to cook your pie longer than you think necessary. If you open it too early, you'll have a gooey mess on your hands!

5. Remove carefully, allow to cool, and enjoy!

These simple and tasty brie and cranberry pie iron pastries are the perfect followup to a delicious dinner, like some hearty hobo stew or some tasty beer and garlic campfire chicken! Just because you’re camping doesn’t mean you can’t be classy! You can use other delicious fruits for this recipe as well, like raspberries for a sweeter taste! Give this recipe a try and let us know what you think by leaving us a comment!

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