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Best Ways To Stay In Touch With Friends & Family From the Road

Traveling is an amazing way to spend your time. You get to see all the sights that many can only dream of seeing. One downfall to traveling a lot is the distance between you and family and friends. Sometimes you’ll find yourself in a place where maybe you have Internet access, but no cell service, or visa versa. So, aside from regular phone calls and emails, what are the best ways to stay in touch with friends and family from the road? We looked at some amazing apps that will allow you to connect in a way you never could before!


Facebook is the most widely used form of social networking and it’s not hard to see why. They offer a lot in this free program that started as something for only people with college email addresses. Anyone can sign up now and as long as you can access the Internet or a 3G/4G network you can use it. Here are the amazing benefits you can find with Facebook that allow you to keep in touch on the road:

  • Cost: Free

  • Available on any computer or smartphone

  • Check-in at locations

  • Share photos, videos, and status updates with anyone on your friends list

  • IM, video, and audio chat

National RV Detroit has a Facebook! Check it out here.


Skype has been around for a while and has been a favorite to keep in touch by many travelers. Families often use it when they have a loved one deployed in the military so they can still talk with them. They have a host of features that allow you to keep in contact with anyone who also has Skype as well as those who don’t. Here’s what you can find with this app:

  • Cost: Mostly Free

  • Available on any computer or smartphone

  • IM, video, and audio chat

  • Group chats and calls

  • Calls to cellphones and landlines (added fees apply)

  • Text cellphones (added fees apply)

  • Fun, expressive, and animated emojis

  • Screen sharing

  • Share files and documents

Get Skype for yourself here.


WhatsApp is much like Skype but you can only use it with others who have the app. If this is your preferred method of contact, you simply have to make sure your friends and family have the app as well. Take a look at the ways WhatsApp can keep you connected:

  • Cost: Free

  • Available on any computer or smartphone

  • IM, photo, video, and voice messages

  • Voice and video calls

  • Group chats

  • Easily switch between devices during a conversation

  • Document sharing

Get more info and download WhatsApp here.


Viber works a bit like WhatsApp with a few less features. Just download the app and they’ll use your current info on your phone such as your contact list and call history to allow you to keep in touch. You mainly can only connect with other Viber users unless you get the extension “Viber Out” which costs a fee. Here’s what Viber will let you do:

  • Cost: Free

  • Available on most computers or smartphones

  • IM, photo, and video messaging

  • Voice and video calling on some platforms

  • Call landlines and cellphones (Must have Viber Out and pay a fee)

Get more info on Viber here.


FaceTime is a great app that will use your data or Wi-Fi to connect you with others. The biggest downfall to this app is that it only works for Apple users. If you and your posse are all Apple fans then there’s no problem, however if you have anyone you want to keep in touch with that has an Android or Windows phone, or only a computer and or landline to use, then you won’t be able to contact them with this app. Here are all the things you can do with FaceTime:

  • Cost: Free (Usually comes pre-installed on the device)

  • Available on iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac and other Apple devices

  • Video and voice calls

  • Easily switch back and forth between front and rear cameras

  • Use the same account on multiple devices

If your device does not already have the FaceTime app, you can find it in the app store.


With Instagram you’re more allowing your friends and family to follow your activity through posted photos. As you post photos you can create captions as well as hashtags to help users better find them. Users can then comment on the photos and with the mobile version, they can even DM (direct message) you. This is a great alternative to the previous apps because everyone can see what you’ve been up to on their own time as opposed to connecting directly to you during a call.

  • Cost: Free

  • Available on all computers and smartphones

  • Post photos and videos for others to view

  • Make photos available to everyone or only select people

This is another platform we’re on. You can check out our Instagram here!

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