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Best Lanterns To Take On Any RV Or Camping Trip

Having a great lantern is important for a good camping trip, even if you’re staying in the fanciest of RVs! They’re easier to use than flashlights as you can set them down and still enjoy a good amount of light! You can hang them up, set them where you need them, and carry them along with you to light the way! Here is our guide to the best lanterns to take on any RV or camping trip!

There are a few different types of lanterns, all with their advantages and disadvantages! The one that is best for you depends on what you’ll be using it for, your camping accommodations, price range, and travel companions! Let’s take a look at each type of lantern, along with highly-rated examples you can purchase and enjoy!

Electric Lanterns

Electric lanterns are great as far as safety and convenience go! You can carry them around with you easily, they don’t tend to dangerously overheat, and they fold down into a more compact unit!


    • Fairly lengthy battery life

    • Bright light output

    • Durable in extreme situations like weather and outdoor use

    • No exhaust or dangerous heat

    • Quiet

    • Safe around children and pets

    • Can be rechargeable

    • Inexpensive


    • Battery replacement, but this is unnecessary with rechargeable types!

Products To Try

Etekcity Rechargeable LED Camping Lantern

This is a great example of a handy rechargeable lantern! This handy $25 lantern comes with both a rechargeable battery and a power bank and USB charging port, so you can also charge your phone, tablet, and other devices! It is collapsible and waterproof, which is great for outdoor use, and can easily be packed away! There are also four different lighting modes, including a red light and flashing red light, which is great for emergencies! Even if you choose to purchase a different type of lantern, it couldn’t hurt to throw this awesome lamp in your pack as well!

Fuel Lanterns

These types of lanterns run on fuel, typically gas or propane, that provide a nice, warm glow! The lighting is pretty bright, so you won’t have to sit in the dark while camping!


    • They are fairly fuel efficient

    • Most have refillable tanks

    • Butane lanterns have disposable canisters and are compact

    • Provide heat, which is good in colder conditions


    • Potentially dangerous fumes

    • Heat can be very dangerous around flammable materials

    • Noisy

    • Heavy and bulky designs

    • Not preferable to use around children

    • Generally more expensive

Products To Try

Coleman Premium Dual Fuel Lantern

This great fuel lantern is versatile and efficient! It can run on either Coleman brand liquid fuel or unleaded gas. One tank of fuel can provide up to seven hours of light on the high setting! This $100 lantern also comes with a great hard carrying case to protect the lantern during travel!

Candle Lanterns

Go old school with a candle lantern! While these lanterns look similar to other types of lanterns, they have a candle in the center that provides nice, pleasant lighting!


    • No noise

    • Can help reduce condensation in colder conditions

    • Most environmentally friendly of all lanterns

    • Long burning time, up to 12 hours with some candles

    • Inexpensive


    • Weak light output, not ideal for most tasks

    • Must be kept away from flammable materials

    • Can be hot to the touch

Products To Try

UCO Original Candle Lantern

This highly rated candle lantern is great for modern, environmentally-conscious campers! It comes in a variety of bright and appealing colors, so you can enjoy some personal flair to your camping accessories! The $25 UCO lamp is lightweight and collapses down, making it great for backpacking and hiking!

No matter which type of lantern you choose, these are the best lanterns to take on any RV or camping trip! You’ll never be kept in the dark with these awesome lanterns! What is your preferred type of lantern? Have a favorite brand? Leave us a comment to let us know!

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