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National RV Detroit Blog

Designed to help you through anything you need to know for your camping trips.
RV and camping tips, places to go, and great recipes along the way!

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What Can I Tow Behind My Motorhome?

All you need to know about towing behind your motorhome RV!

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Leveling an RV Quickly and Easily

Making RV leveling easy with these simple steps!

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Top Adventurer Films To Watch While RVing

Top Adventurer Films To Watch While RVing for National RV Detroit blog. We list some less common but very enjoyable adventure movies to see with family.

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Crafting an Easy RV Awning Protector

Crafting An Easy RV Awning Protector, National RV Detroit. Today we show you two very easy and cheap ways to protect the side awning on your RV from harm.

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Merry & Bright! Make Recycled Holiday Decorations

Why spend money on craft materials when you have things laying around that you can turn into festive holiday decor? Make recycled holiday decor this year!

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Autumn Harvest: Dutch Oven Apple Crisp

If you’re planning a fall camping trip, bring along some apples, a Dutch oven, and vanilla ice cream to create a delicious dessert everyone will melt over.

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Put Your Boondocking Skills to the Test in the Valley of Fire, Nevada

The Valley of Fire State Park in Nevada is the ultimate place to put your boondocking skills to the test. Check out these boondocking tips!

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Installing an RV Ceiling Fan—A Cool DIY Project

Does your RV need cooling down? Don't want to close the windows and turn on the A/C? Install an RV ceiling fan instead with these handy tips!

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How To Build a Fire in Rainy Conditions

Anyone and their grandma can make a campfire in dry conditions, so use these handy directions for building a fire in rainy conditions to save the day!

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White water
The Best Rivers in the U.S. for White Water Rafting

Taking the plunge this summer and going white water rafting? Take a look at these awesome rivers that we think offer some of the best rafting in the U.S.

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Cooking in rv
How To Plan Like a Pro For Your Week-Long Meal Prep On an RVing Trip!

Packing camping food is easier than ever! Click to find out how to plan like a pro for your week-long meal prep for an RVing trip and always be prepared!

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Summer camp
Best Summer Camps for Your Outdoor-Loving Kids

Is your child an outdoor lover? Does he spend every waking minute of the summer in the fresh air? If so, check out these camps for outdoor-loving kids!

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Clean vs dirty vent
Want Dust-Free Vents in Your Camper? Try This!

Is dust in your camper making your seasonal allergies even worse? If you want dust-free vents in your camper, try this easy solution and breathe easy!

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Good As New: Renewing Your RV Steps

RV maintenance is important, especially on RV stairs! To avoid rusty, creaky stairs, use these tips for renewing your RV steps to make them as good as new!

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Clean and dirty ac unit
Easy Steps On How To Maintain and Clean Your A/C Unit

You can't beat the heat with a broken down A/C! Follow these easy steps on how to maintain and clean your A/C unit and you won't break a sweat this season!

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What is an RV wet bath?
Tips for Making the Most of Your RV Wet Bath

To get the most out of your small but completely functional RV wet bath, follow these tips for keeping it organized and clean!

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ATV and OHV riding in Utah
Wild West: ORV Trails Of Utah & Where To Camp

Utah is one of the best places in the U.S. for ORVs, with tons of excellent trails and plenty of places to camp. Experience the Wild West in a new way!

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RV Remodeling and warranties
Modifications You Can Make To Your RV That Will Not Void the Warranty

What voids RV warranties? What doesn't? Before you DIY, read on to discover all the modifications you can make to your RV that will not void the warranty!

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On phone outside
Best Ways To Stay In Touch With Friends & Family From the Road

Aside from regular phone calls and emails, what are the best ways to stay in touch with friends & family from the road? Check out these great apps!

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San Diego, CA
San Diego At Its Finest! Trails, Caves, Cafes, Camping, and More!

Have some fun in the sun! Pack up the RV and see San Diego at its finest! Explore this city's trails, caves, cafés , camping and more! The ultimate getaway!

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Bear safety
Tips and Tricks On Bear Safety

Depending on where you're camping, you may encounter a bear or two. Read these tips & tricks on bear safety to keep yourself safe in bear country.

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Health insurance while full time RVing
Health Insurance For The Nomad

It's important that your medical needs are covered as you venture out to enjoy the RV lifestyle, so let's take a look at health insurance for the nomad.

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Easy smoothie recipes to make on your next camping trip
Refresh Your Thirsty Palate With These Tasty and Healthy Smoothies!

Looking for the perfect refreshing treat? Refresh your palate with these tasty and healthy smoothies! You can make them at home or right at your campsite!

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The Secret Behind the Stacked Rocks

What are those strange stacks of rocks in the woods, and what do they mean? Here's the secret behind stacked rocks, and they may not mean what you think!

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GoPro Accessories To Help Document Your Adventures!

A GoPro is the ultimate tool to make sure that memories from your trip last. Here are some great GoPro accessories to help document your adventures!

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Outdoor movie night
Family Fun: Outdoor Movie Night Ideas

Getting outside is what camping is all about! Instead of just roasting marshmallows, try these outdoor movie night ideas for some great family fun!

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Best Surfaces/Terrain To Park Your RV On

Some parking surfaces have more to be desired than others. To find out which one is best, read our list of the best surfaces/terrains to park your RV on!

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Home decor using rocks
Nature-Inspired DIY Decorations That ROCK

Calling all rock hounds! Need ideas of what to do with your rock collection? Here are some wonderfully beautiful nature-inspired DIY decorations that rock!

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Mint Bark Cheesecake
Indulge In Making Minty Bark Cheesecake

Cheesecake is one sweet treat that people can't resist. Indulge in making this minty bark cheesecake and your taste buds (and your guests) will thank you!

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Start a fire without matches
Be a Fire Pro! Epic Tips on Starting a Fire Without Matches

Because you never know when you'll find yourself in need of warmth or drinking water in the great outdoors, learn how to start a fire without matches.

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Great sand dunes national park and preserve
Get Climbing In the Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve

Michiganders are no strangers to the sight of sand dunes, but you haven't seen any dunes quite like the ones in Great Sand Dunes National Park, Colorado!

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Putting on lip balm
Dry Winter Air Means Chapped Lips! Make Your Own Lip Balm!

Dry winter air means chapped lips, so make your own lip balm! It takes just a few ingredients and a couple easy steps, and your dry lips will thank you!

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Composting toilets
Composting Toilets—How They Work & How To Install One

What if we told you that you could replace the black tank with a composting toilet? It's true! Here’s how composting toilets work and how to install one!

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Camping themed bday party
Camping-Themed Birthday Party Ideas for Your Little Camper!

This year, skip the expensive trampoline parks or bounce houses and throw an in-tents camping-themed party that’ll have everyone asking for s’more!

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Early bird
Spring Into Savings With Our Early Bird Sale!

Get a head start on savings with our Early Bird Sale! Mark your calendars and come on down to browse our low prices for the nation's leading RV brands!

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Replace your RV flooring with peel and stick wood floors!
RV Renovation: Peel And Stick Wood Floor

Tired of drab RV flooring? Roll up your sleeves and try this RV renovation! Peel and stick wood flooring is inexpensive, easy to install, and beautiful!

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Colorful fire
Spark Up Your Campfire With Dazzling Colors!

Try something new this year that will set your campsite ablaze in shimmering hues that elicit “Oooohh”s and “Aaaahhhh”s from everyone nearby. Here's how!

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Prime spots to winter camp in Michigan's U.P.
Prime Spots To Winter Camp In Michigan's U.P.!

Brave the snow and cold temps this season and check out these prime spots to winter camp in Michigan's U.P.! Summer just can't compare to winter camping!

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10 Great Winter Soups You Can Make In Your RV Kitchen

Try these 10 great winter soups you can make in your RV kitchen! They warm you up after a day in the cold and give you the energy needed for more fun!

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Camper's Guide: Emergency Uses For Paracord

There are so many emergency uses for paracord! Read about them all here and you'll never want to head into the great outdoors without carrying some along!

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Camping in an RV
What Those RV Features Really Mean

It may not be obvious what some RV features are and what they do. Here is a handy guide to help you understand those mysterious RV features.

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Extreme winter sports
Play Like an Olympian This Winter: Alternative Sports

Put your plastic sleds away, add some extreme to your skis, and do something new! Play like an Olympian this winter and try out these alternative sports!

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